Bastion is underpowered / change my mind

I like to think of it like a scale, he has more dps for less survivability so if you want to make him survive easier then reduce his damage, I mean he can out dps trans without any boosting.

If you want to hit mid range shots just use recon form gun.

The issue is his skill ceiling, although it’s high as you’re pointing out, it simply doesn’t reward you as much as being mediocre at other heroes. I can play the best Bastion I possibly could but then they just pick Hanzo or Zen. Now even the worst player ever can pretty much guaranteed kill him.

So if Genji was only viable on Numbani with a full dive comp but had to be switched off when your team loses a fight would you consider him balanced?

That is the same type of situation Bastion is in.

Get behind a barrier and get Mercy pocketed. Won’t die so easily…

Not really different, the OP doesn’t really want his mind changed, he’s just gonna go to great lenghts (like any people creating similar topics) to prove you that he’s right.
At least I have the honesty to tell people right away.
What would have been interesting was to create a topic with proofs that he is underpowered with numbers to back them and suggestions to change him.
Bastion by design won’t work on every map and might require a shield to get full value, doesn’t mean he’s underpowered.

It would be great if there was a thread like that wouldn’t it.

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Then what’s the point of this topic? :weary:

To bring more light upon the subject.

The problem with Bastion is his design.
It’s very hard to buff him to make him viable w/o make him OP.
Same with Nerf, hard to nerf w/o destroy him.

There is many hero like that in OW and this is a real problem.

As if the subject wasn’t already illuminated that we can barely miss it.

Every time I log onto the forums the first thing I see is the Bastion megathread. Hardly obscure or inconspicuous lol.

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Or there’s a better idea, soldier 76, he replaces bastions’s entire role without all the down sides.

Ok so far its,

Bastion works well in my rank when whole team babysits him on junkertown

Just because you are annoyed by one of the worst heroes that happens to have a decent map when enemy team is uncoordinated.

It hasn’t gotten a response so we took the next step.

Though it has gotten 6k posts in 30 days, so hopefully that brings some attention to the problem on it own.

It’s against the rules of the forums to do so.

You think forum whining will accomplish much? I can’t remember the last time it did.

What do you mean?

It’s not spamming, as it is not the same posts(same subject does not equal same post).

It’s not trolling, as we are serious about the subject.

It’s not a threat to anybody.

It relates to Overwatch.

What about it breaks the rules?

It created Brigitte.

It fixed deflect.

It removed scatter.

It fixed Doomfist’s bugs.

All of these took awhile, but that is why we must continue.

It’s just like the topics about Mercy, Doomfist or Sombra that we see every day.

Creating Duplicate Threads is the rules. No matter what you think, it’s just how it is.

Anyway, I’m not going to discuss further. If you want to keep this topic alive go ahead.

As I said in the last post, same topic does not equal to same post.

No one ever focused a minority of one of the most hated group called bastion mains in one thread. To gather feedback and let ppl know. To focus on all the ranks and to see who wants what.

You just come here to let us know that he isnt underpowerd. Understandable, but dont act like you know balance by just comparing it your gameplay.