Bastion cheese comps

And that’s exactly why he’s the least picked hero in this game.

It’s no one else’s fault that you can’t counter the worst hero in the game.

Cool, don’t care, and it’s not a valid reason to nerf certain heros.

Nope, he needs buffs.

Which will never happen.

Which is the same for literally any other hero in this game who gets pocketed.

I wont even bother to answer this. I think you dont get it.

Moira and Brig are easier than Bastion but they’re picked far more than him.

When an entire team comp is build around him yeah it’s hell trying to kill him.

A re-balance is what I think OP would prefer.

Most definitely do not buff Bastion.

It should happen no hero should not require 100% team willingness to flex around you to win.

He is by far the most oppressive hero with an Orisa shield, a mercy and Ana pocket, a dva to eat damage and peel for alone with another DPS to pick up where he falls behind.

I’ll do it for you.

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Sym’s nerf (in the form of 3.0) is where it really all fell apart.
Sym 2.0 had a consistent shield to play around to not instantly die to widow, piercing orbs, and was boostable. And pirate ship meant offense, meaning the Sym would be on defense, so even countering Bastion on accident happened fairly often. We need that higher DPS piercing mechanic back.

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Okay so Bastion is oppressive on Junkertown. Where else is he good? I thought we liked the idea of map dependent metas, is this not a thing now?


That was so incredibly painful to watch.

This is painful to read. It gives Symmetra players a bad name.

Or build up EMP to knock them all off the payload as a last resort. It sounds like you only want a “push to kill Bastion” button, of which hack is thee closest thing to it. If you can’t utilize it, either accept the loss or try another way of countering him.

Wrecking Ball to an extent

Immortality Field, which is a huge crippled if the Bastion doesn’t also have a Bap, plus his ult being a major damage amp.

And you’re being extremely short-sighted if you think that’s the only valid counter to the comp, when you literally just said Junkrat was a hero who could counter him.

Heaven forbid he’s strong at something.

Because Blizzard never tried to balance him, plus they gutted him a week after his rework over 2 years ago.

Spoiler alert, in the comps he’s used in and the comps OP is complaining about, are all based around Sentry, not Recon. So he’d only be a knockoff Soldier if the complainers gutted Sentry because they didn’t learn to switch.

Of course you won’t. You despise the hero, came here to make a rant about it, and don’t want to hear anything that won’t appease you and your hate for the hero.

Bye bye, just note that this thread will fall into oblivion because no one really cares nor supports you.

They’re also more balanced than him.

An entire comp built around Tracer or Genji (ahem, DIVE) is also hell. So is an entire comp built around ironclad defenses between 3 tanks and 3 support. Hating metas is nothing new, but in no universe is Bastion meta. At the very least it’s a cheese comp, and it gets Bastion nowhere because he’s still the least picked hero in the game.

Riddle me this, if he’s underpicked how to toxic people like OP learn to counter him? They don’t. They come across him in QP or once in a blue moon, and tremble in fear because they have no clue how to handle the situation.

And heaven forbid a Bastion who has enough skill to win against people like OP.

And there’s no possible rebalance that would make people not hate him nor his design, while maintaining his core design. People despise Sentry, and taking power from it either makes it problematic in short bursts (Think Hanzo’s E) or makes it useless because now it’s some inferior side-feature.

I’ve spent at least a hundred hours thinking of ways to rework and fix him, and have created countless megathreads discussing his issues. OP can want a rework, gutting, or deletion all he wants, but the reality of the situation is that Bastion is not a problem, and Blizzard keeps him in his current state as to not upset the people who hate him even more so than they do currently.

Hating him is one thing, but pleading ignorance that he’s an uncounterable meta god is complete BS.

Most definitely do buff Bastion.

And how are the heros who require 50%, even 25% of team willingness to flex around you to win any different? They aren’t.

Try playing Bastion into a Rein being pocketed by an Ana, then we’ll talk.

Then tack on Zarya and Dva. That’s what I have to deal with up in Diamond. And I get rolled off Bastion to the point that it’s more effective for me to throw on another hero rather than trying on Bastion.

The question of the century!

He’s obviously the new meta, with a 0.64% pickrate!

Even the ones needing two ults to beat half-afk Bastions that aren’t even utilizing shields? :wink:

Yeah the only other place he’s good is on attack on Dorado as a “SURPRISE BASTION” against a team that doesn’t have any answers to it. Literally have one character on the high ground flanking and you need to switch off.

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Better than taking bullets to the face and crying about 2.0’s absence.

Troll elsewhere. Your game is weak.

wow what a long post over nothing i can’t wait to waste my time reading your biased replies…

[quote=“BastionBabǝ-1672, post:21, topic:335368”]
Or build up EMP to knock them all off the payload as a last resort. It sounds like you only want a “push to kill Bastion” button, of which hack is thee closest thing to it. If you can’t utilize it, either accept the loss or try another way of countering him.

relying on an ultimate to counter this team comp isn’t a viable solution let alone one that is hard to build if everyone is hiding behind orisa shield the entire time with a dva flying around ready to **** your **** up


Yes the massive 2 seconds of DM means so much when enemy dva is doing the same thing

he is HARd countered by this team comp you are literally throwing by playing him against pirate ship

are you just listing random heroes?

literally does nothing against bastion

defnitley listing random heroes at this point

to a small extent only if you, the ana, can flank and nade the bastion which is so unlikely it’s not worth mentioning.

if bastion shoots it it will be destroyed in .3 seconds.

Iw as replying to the person saying run bastion against bastion and obviously i don’t think he’s the only one i literally said junkrat can do work against him how profanity removed are you LITERALLY how am i supposed to take aything you say seriously

He is TOO STRONG in this ONE comp and TOO WEAK in literally EVERY OTHER COMP

because you could literally solo ult him as a reaper and he can survive by healing himself SOLO healing himself. They should have reworked him when it failed but he nerfs were justified.

YOU ARE BIASED ASF why should ANYONE care what you say

WHICH IS AN ISSUE and you keep saying hes fine while saying he’s not balanced? literally there is NO logic in ANYTHING you say

that comp was build around winston and dva being able to take high ground and dive targets together along with a zen discord. The DPS were the only ones who could keep up with them. get it right instead of going off with ignorant statements.

goats? you mean the comp the devs literally changed every single hero in the game to get rid of and are still making changes to get rid of it???

He is meta on quite a few maps and he is only useful on these maps. This is the issue bastion means you win on these maps and he means a loss on others. HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS ISSUE JFC

I encounter him everytime I play on junkertown and the 2cp maps

HE MEANS YOU WIN ON THE MAPS HE WORKS ON AND A LOSS ON THE MAPS HES NOT he is a FLAWED hero and he needs a rework he is a bad hero he is a horribly designed hero

Many people have created amazing rework ideas that I saw no one contest. This is your own opinion formed with the zero information you have. You are a biased player.


A REWORK FOR A BAD HERO IS A GOOD IDEA A REWORK FOR A HERO WHO IS VIABLE WITH 1 TEAM COMP AND A THROW PICK IN ANY OTHER IS A GOOD IDES let alone that the devd were considering a major rework when they were doing sym and torb but with player backlash they abandoned it and he is now in this SAD state forever because of YOU people

[quote=“BastionBabǝ-1672, post:21, topic:335368”]
Hating him is one thing, but pleading ignorance that he’s an uncounterable meta god is complete BS.


We do not buff horrible balanced heroes we re-work them.

there are NO heroes like that and Bastion requires EVERYONE to build around him or you will lose.

tf does this even mean??? LITERALLY WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN???!?! moron i swear

“up in diamond” implying im lower than you when I was masters before I took a break HA no one cares about rank

I am done replying to you it’s obvious you dont’ want whats best for this hero but just like complaining on the forums about a hero you don’t care about let alone how biased you are and your ignorance. If you choose to waste your time replying, don’t care I won’t be reading it. I hope no one gives you the time of day.

Stop telling them how to get around “cheese comps” so they quit playing the game… geez. :laughing:

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The main issue is he’s such a nightmare at the middle tiers like gold/plat. That’s where people are smart enough to have the Bastion sit behind a shield, but people typically aren’t on voice chat, which is almost required to take down a decent bunker.

If you or your team has a problem with the worst hero in the game with a double digits list of counters that’s a git gud problem.

And there are so many easy mode options to deal with him and his cheese comp.

Ice wall. Either block him with it better yet split him from his supports. Once the supports die it’s game over cause one of Bastion’s many AND I DO MEAN MANY weaknesses is he takes for ever to get back from spawn to retake a position.

Hanzo is a nightmare for Bastion and his comp. He can one shot supports squishy like Sym and melt Orisa, Bastion, or any squishy with Storm arrow.

I am sorry with Hanzo. Low accuracy barely any playtime. Storm arrow + mobility buffs make it easy for me or anyone else that is bad with him to do work.

Flank with Tracer or Sombra. Do what others have already suggested with heroes like Pharah, Junkrat, Bapiste, Dva. Duo with a Zarya as Doomfist.

Like I tell others in threads just learn the friggin matchup and exploit the weaknesses.

Front line if your team decoys. If you go flanker it’s on you to hit Bastion in his critbox to melt him.

It’s hard to take anyone serious about Bastion complaints after his armor nerf. He was previously a glass cannon. Now he’s just a house if cards that blows over the moment you rocket punch, storm arrow, dynamite, helix rocket, discord, or his barrier tank for support pocket are gone.

You think his comp is dominant then show me the evidence besides “I don’t know how to counter so nerf for me”

The most sensible response in the thread.

Not many people are saying Bastion is OP. More that anchoring into him is very problematic and often requires very wild and wacky comps just to beat.
Oh, Handsoap shreds their squishies? Whelp, they’re running Widow. See they accounted for him. What about Junk? Oh yeah, Widow. Oh they see you have a Sombra? Oh yeah, that’s right, they play accordingly. Pharah? Hahahahaha, really? Pharah into a bunker comp with 2+ hitscans? Really?

They aren’t just sitting around waiting to get shut down by counters alone. Even fairly competent players build/play around not just supporting BeepBoop directly, but also shutting down the counters to bunker/pirate. You can’t just take awful advice and swap to Junkrat and win with ease, if the opponent is decent.

Hun, that was a last rewort. That was the ‘or’ of “Either, Or.” Stop cherry picking points.

If you/your team could not get off Hack, then you should try for EMP.

But running in a field of daises pretending like Sombra is worthless against him isn’t helping anyone.

Fun fact: EMP goes through barriers.

Do you see why I recommended it if hacking wasn’t working?

E does 420 damage in as quick as 1.8 seconds. Plus, if hanzo leads an arrow before he hits E, that’s another 125 damage. Of course Ironclad reduces damage, and so each arrow is not going to do it’s full damage, but this is where your team can help out.

And then there’s Hanzo’s ult, or are you going to be in denial about this ult too?

2 seconds of Bastion not doing any damage is enough for Hanzo to get his E off.

And you’re assuming a Dva is being ran alongside the bunker, of which is not always the case.

If you run a myriad of Bastion counters, like Sombra in unison with Dva, you can actually prevent the Sombra from taking damage thus preventing her hack from being canceled, OR you could hack the Dva so she doesn’t have DM.

Nope Mei is a more formidable counter than Bastion is, unless the Hammond is as braindead as the players thinking Bastion is somehow meta.

Sure, if the bunker comp has strong anti-CC heros, then Hammond is feeding at that point, but inb4 you say the bunker comp is running a Mei along with that Dva.

And are you pretending like these heros are just limbless people who can’t do anything?

Here’s where you denounce what I say, of which I would’ve said that his ult literally puts lava that tears though armor beneath an immobile hero who has Armor. Heaven forbid an ult does something against Bastion.

Literally prevents his team from dying and has a pocket nano for his team, but wait nvm that’s an ult and you don’t believe in ults being used to kill a Bastion.

Defiantly in denial if you can create valid counterpoints.

Once again, her ult. But nah there must not be any good Pharahs in bronze.

Or she tosses it when Orisa’s barrier goes down, or are we going to sit here and talk about how you team has 0 DPS capabilities to destroy her barrier.

And yes, it is worth mentioning because it’s 100% healing denial and if you stack that with Torb, Hammond, Hanzo, Sombra, Or any other hero who is capable of doing something other than feeding Bastion, he’ll die.

Once he is off the cart, it is extremely easy to deny him the reset onto it, unless you pick heros who are ineffective against him, and play passively where his team can set back onto it.

Assuming he has LoS of it, and at the very least it denies Bastion that amount of time in which he would otherwise finish a target.

Play for trades, and killing Bastion is the ultimate trade. Work for it.

Yeah, that’s an actual valid way of countering Bastion.

Your short-sightedness is pretending like that’s the only relevant solution, like how Tracer’s ultimate counter is a better Tracer. I have gone over a plethora of heros to counter Bastion, thus it is up to you to either use that knowledge to built a team and work with them to counter the Bastion, or not and pretend like Bastion v Bastion is the only counter. Up to you, hun.


Did I say 35% ironclad was balanced? Did I say I liked 35% Ironclad?


I have more experience playing other heros than Bastion, and I am more than willing to bet you’ve never bothered to play him in or out of a bunker comp.

You don’t know who counters him or how he gets countered because you’ve never taken playing him seriously. And you can get all high and mighty and “not bother to play a cheese hero” but that’s a really lame excuse for pleading ignorant.

Go ask them who cares because I ghostwrote the thread. And the first Bastion Megathread, and the thread that polled people as to what people wanted done to him.

And don’t plead ignorance, go post a reply asking anyone in that thread if it’s true and they’ll say it is and I can 100% guarantee it without a doubt.

So at the very least under 600 people can appreciate the thought put into that thread rather than a 200 word rant about a hero who’s the least picked hero for over 2 years now.

He’s “fine” (as in he doesn’t need to be nerfed nor reworked) because someone couldn’t win against him nor counter him.

He’s “not balanced” because he has glaring issues of which the Bastion haters will never fathom nor choose to acknowledge.

It takes logic to understand logic. Not my fault that you can’t understand.

You literally just disproved yourself.

How is any comp built around X Y or Z hero any different than a comp where B for Bastion is built around?

And both Hog and Bastion were gutted causing Winston and Dva to have no real threats. Pretty neat huh?

What evidence do you have that the DPS were built around the tanks? No, yours is just an assumption. MIne was an example, and while this arguement is a tanget the major underlying issues is how hipocritical you seem to be, or at the very least need to answer the question I asked above. I’ll even restate it:

How is any comp built around X Y or Z hero any different than a comp where B for Bastion is built around?

Answer the question:

How is any comp built around X Y or Z hero any different than a comp where B for Bastion is built around?

Bastion and Bunker comps are on the opposite end of the pickrate spectrum. If Bunker is far stronger than GOATS or even equally as strong, then why is it a failure compared to GOATS? Shouldn’t you be running GOATS to counter Bunker?

It boggles my mind how you people think Bastion is a problem when you can’t back up your claims outside of anecdotal evidence of which is built around you not liking the hero, when literally no other hero is picked less than him.

Where? What maps? How successful is it? Because “meta on a few maps” still means a worse pickrate than Sym or Torb back in their days of only being picked on Point A of 2CP maps.

Let that sink in.


because you’ve provided me nothing. No maps that he’s strong on, unless the only map you’re referring to is Junkertown of which if true I’d gladly debunk for you.

You’ve managed to ignore and slide past any counter I’ve elaborated on, which should be prime knoledge considering I play Bastion at a Diamond MMR and have a 47% winrate on him.

What rank and what platform?

Ignored the main point. What if a more skilled Bastion wins against you, regardless of whether he was pocketed by 5 people or not?

Entirely subjective.

And chances are I’d be able to explain why each one would fail. Feel free to list them.

True, but Blizzard has also stated that no reworks are planned, so if people in the past have put forth flawless ideas, why have none been iterated on?

If I have 0 info then you must be so far into the negatives that the department of anger has been breached, and had critical anecdotal info stolen.

At least I can be objective when need-be, and right now I’m far more objective than someone who replies:

> Calls me out for a bias, fails to realize they have their own bias. 

Another bias.

And another.

And where was that said?

Because they ruined Torb and Sym. They made them entirely different heros and drove their groups of fans away who loved the heros for their original iteration, and sought out buffs not reworks (Or in Sym’s case, ANOTHER rework). Sure, they still have some fans that play, main, and OT those heros, but the reworks weren’t even a success in the first place. They’re still D-tier niche heros who have fundamental flaws.

So riddle me this. Lets assume Bastion is thee least picked hero in the game because no one likes playing him. How will reworking him make people like him, if he stays true to his Sentry mode much like how Torb still has a Turret and Sym still had her turrets plus tele? How will reworking him make him any better than he currently is, and not a failure like Torb and Sym both were? I’m willing to bet my money on black that it won’t and that the point of him being reworked would be to appease you and the few vocal minority that dislike the hero to such a degree that you cannot be objective and passive in a discussion about Bastion and the heros who counter him.

He’s in a sad state because his fandom is expendable, his playstyle isn’t favorable, and his balance is stigmatized. You support a rework and yet do you realize that it means buffing it? But then you say you don’t want him buffed, so you just want him reworked so you don’t have to put up with him, his playstyle, and the so few comps he works, or rather fails to work in? Is that a fair assessment, or are the biased, zero knowledge, loser comments going to start coming back?

How is it ironic?

Hating him is subjective, and will always be subjective.

Saying he’s meta is false, because he has no objective that point to him being meta, OP, or problematic. Saying he has no counters if objectively false because I have explicitly explained what does counter him, and to what degree. They are objective because there is stat-based reasoning as to how they counter him. Must I explain more?


That’s a synonym for “bias”

Because every hero in this game is unique, and has it’s own unique identity. Despite that, there are several heros who have similarities, like how Ashe and Widow are both sniper-hitscans, but Ashe has less of an emphasis on sniping, or how Bastion and Soldier both have riffles and self-heals, but Bastion has a completely different kit dynamic.

So yes, no hero is like Bastion in terms of his kit design, but you side stepped my question, If you’re building a Dive team around Winston and Dva, as you put it, how is that different or more fair than building a bunker comp around Bastion? I don’t see how, and if you do then please enlighten me.

If you run Tracer, Genji, Dva, Winson, Zen, and Brig, how is that any different? If Brig doesn’t conform, then the team dynamic fails.

The only fallback at that point is that Winston, Dva, Tracer, Genji, and Zen are more flexible than Bastion, but losing is losing, and you still have not answered the core question.

Play comp. Pick Bastion. Ask the enemy team to run Rein, Ana, Zarya, Dva if they have not already picked those heros once the game starts, and try and win.

I’ll give you 12 hours before I flag and report you, because this breaks CoC and ToS.

If you’re capable, prove me wrong.

Plus I asked above what rank and what platform, but you say you’ve been in Masters and your private profile says PSN, so now we get into the good stuff.

Bronze on PSN:

  • Bastion has a pickrate of 2.92% which is moderately high up from center
  • Winrate of 46.32% which is high up, making 9th highest winrate in Bronze on PSN
  • Synopsis: The fault is that it’s an extremely low tier where player knowledge is very bad, thus the knowledge and skill about countering him is bad.

Silver on PSN:

  • Pickrate of 2.04%, just below center.
  • Winrate of 45.29%, just below center.
  • Synopsis: Bastion is actually seems just under balanced.

Gold on PSN:

  • Pickrate of 1.22%, 2nd lowest in Gold on PSN
  • Winrate of 46.85%, which is below center
  • Synopsis: Horrid pickrate and lower winrate show he’s not meta.

Plat on PSN:

  • Pickrate of 0.88%, dead last
  • Winrate of 49.93%, which since it’s basically 50% that means Bastion is winning half of his games, which half the time he is picked is .44%.
  • Synopsis: If Bastion is winning .44% of his games to get a 50% winrate, that means the 6 maps you say he’s winning on, would mean his pickrate would be 3.33% or close to it. Bastion is not meta, because he is far underpaicked for even the maps you say he’s meta on.

Diamond on PSN:

  • Pickrate of 0.85%, Dead last.
  • Winrate of 54.16%, slightly more than center
  • Synopsis: Bastion is still not meta, and highly underpicked, even for the 6 maps you say he’s meta on.

Masters on PSN:

  • Pickrate of 1.21%
  • Winrate of 53.15%
  • Synopsis: Still. Not. Meta. His winrate proves niche, but his pickrate is so low that out of 20 maps, his pickrate is just about the odds of getting Junkertown.

Getting Junkertown is 5% chance, 100% / 20 maps = 5% of getting 1 map.

So he’s not meta, and he’s not unstoppable on 6 maps, of which is Junkertown and 5 2CP maps.

So either you’re lying about:

  • Your rank
  • How often you face a Bastion
  • What maps he is “meta” on

Or you just hate Bastion, hate playing against him, and hate dying to him.

I’d rather trust a GM player to give perspective on balance than a Silver one.

It’s obvious you hate the hero. You’re going to the lengths of making false claims with 0 evidence to back you up.

You don’t even have the best interest for this here in mind.

And you complain that I don’t make any sense.

I did, because I have more fun schooling people on the forums than playing a game where 3 of my mains were gutted, and people still witch hunt the ounce of relevance they have left.

Actually they already have. Just not in this thread.

Mei can. seriously. You can counter the entire cheese comp with just Mei.

You can wall split the enemy team, and take on the side of the wall without the Bastion.

You can pop the bastion up from behind the shield using wall, and shoot him.

You can put a wall in front of the bastion, and have you team run past to point. (Perfect for Anubis A)

And once, you have farmed ult, you can freeze the lot of them…

Mei RUINS bastion cheese comps. She is a one person bastion cheese comp wrecking machine.