Baptiste now in Competitive Play

No dying on my watch. :syringe:

Today Baptiste joins the hero rotation in Overwatch Competitive Play.

Good luck and have fun, heroes!


Thanks for any kind of warning in game…


Now I can throw my drone off the map in competitive play! If you’d only see how Genji players react to it xd


Damn son… What’s up with these replies?

We knew he’d be available for comp in 2 weeks.
I hope no one throws their drone off the map, on purpose at least.
And Brig ain’t going anywhere.

Carry on, as you were!


Not surprised with these entitled Overwatch replies.

3 Likes mains: NERF THIS! ULTS
Baptiste: NOT TODAY KIDDO! tosses out a drone mains: left the lobby


Just played a game where the other team utilized baptiste…my team no such luck…of course we lost.

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Yaay, cant wait to eat dva bombs and tires with my face


lets make ow trash again


Used him on my smurf account before using him on my main. First game straight up 4 damages and 2 supports. A Damage player picked Baptiste which I didn’t care for since it’s their SR they throwing away. However, someone left the game so it could get cancelled.

Second game was normal. 2-2-2 both my team and enemy team. 2CP map and I managed to do about 4805 damage (11k total damage if you count ice wall and shield breaking damage lol) and 13,914 healing.

Ult damage was about 900s and healing from it was in the 300s. 8 deaths prevents and 32 defensive assists. ult got 5 kills and we won as enemy team couldn’t take the second point when they only needed about 92.5% and got no ticks.

I did have gold objective time as well for stay back a bit and contesting point.


Great cant wait to try him out. “No dying on my watch.”


oh no

They told us 2 weeks ago this is when he would enter comp. Every hero released before him had a two week dead period. Literally everyone I talked to in game knew that he would be going live in comp today, and it was in the patch notes 2 weeks ago. Stop looking for things to whine about and admit that you didn’t pay attention. This is NOT a lack of communication issue this is a lack of listening issue. People who drop toxic whiny comments like this are what give blizzard games the image they have. STOP. THEY TOLD US AND OWE YOU NO IN GAME WARNING FOR NOT PAYING ATTENTION!


oof, the best ults have now been countered by a simple ability that you don’t have to wait forever on, THANKS BLIZZARD!


Awesome now we can run 2 tanks, 2 dps, Moira DPS and baptistery. It’s going to be pure awesomeness.

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So far, been a LOT of fun. He’s not oppressive like Brig, but not of high-skill or niche value like Hammond could be. Well-balanced, fun to play, fun to play with.
Also had a fun moment when we’d held 99-0 on Ilios Lighthouse and all had ults, so was just a case of retaking it. Zarya gravs, Hog goes to Whole Hog into it, Baptiste pops matrix in front and the whole team just suddenly disappears, leaving us standing a little shocked before recomposing and heading to point.

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Wait is not already trash?


I’m really excited to see what he can do in a more team oriented

Just fix the game already!