Baptiste now in Competitive Play


Lmao you seriously got nothing better to do than white-knight Blizzard and their practices? :smiley: The dude was just annoyed they didn’t mention it in-game. I was also playing a game when it happened and it took me by surprise. Get a life my dude :ok_hand:


played a match last night - one of those where one-too-many people instalocked DPS, causing all 6 of us to then pick DPS. I spammed the baptiste select to imply I would cooperate if someone else tried too. Someone else picked Orisa, so we had 1-4-1 comp. Did a bunker on point A, didn’t give up a tick!


:slight_smile: Why you didn’t used Baptiste!? So why you are complaining about that!? XD


I didnt because i havent been able to practice with him much.


“Rotation”? Odd choice of word. A think a true rotation with characters added and removed seasonally could be beneficial.


do they go after it? lol here boy go get it!!


They are



If we have this ability that cancels out big ult plays, doesn’t that mean it’s op? I mean the main reason for removing the Mercy Rez was this exact thing.


With Baptiste and the balance changes, the meta is finally beginning to shift. Might still take a while, but good riddance!


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