Baptiste Legend Skins (any extra voice lines?)


As the title suggests, do any of Baptiste’s legendary skins have extra or changed voice lines from the default lines?


Wouldn’t bet on it, considering he still doesn’t have any hero/map interactions afaik. I’ve been using pirate for a while and haven’t heard anything at least


So far no.

20 characters


Fun fact: no new skins have had special voice-lines other than demon Hunter Sombra since last year’s anniversary event.


Gridironhardt from SG2018 has extra lines tho.

I think if they record extra lines then the pirate skins get “Ahoy matey!” just like every other pirate skin. I hope the lore skins get something as well. I use Talon Bap.


His lack of any map lines or hero interactions feels lazy and off currently. Love the hero, but they seemed to have forgotten some stuff.


Loooove Baptiste. But I think Ashe is still missing voice lines for maps and non-mccree interactions. Don’t think wrecking ball has map interactions… Or hero interactions?


Wrecking Ball has some map interactions. Not many though that I recall. Just the one commenting on the environment being ideal for hamsters.

I didn’t realize they forsaken even adding some lore and personality to the heroes this way. :confused: