Baptiste - Developer Q&A

(Tom Powers) #1

Good day all,

Over the next few days, our developers will be taking some time to address questions surrounding gameplay design and lore revolving around Overwatch’s 30th Hero, Baptiste.

If you have any questions related to this subject, starting NOW please reply to this thread below. Additionally, please remember to Favorite/Like your favorite questions. Answers will be posted at a later time.

Thank you.

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Is his story intertwined with any of the higher ranking talon members, or was he not in it long enough to get noticed. Also, is Talon doing anything after the fact to hunt him down?


What would have happened if Doomfist, Maximilien, Reaper or even Moira found Baptiste instead?


When can we expect baptiste to hit the live servers? Please give us a time frame, next week?


Why do a Developer Q&A about Baptiste only but not with other new heroes? It’s kinda unfair


Oh it’s about Baptiste only. Will he be in the Archives event for the new mission?


What was the inspiration behind Baptiste? (Background, kit, affiliations)


Did Baptiste get to know any of the heroes currently known to have also been in Talon? Also, now that he’s no longer with Talon might he be looking to join Overwatch, or be a vigilante of sorts like 76?


Will Baptiste’s Immortality Drone be nerfed before going Live? It’s currently kinda… Broken. Maybe a suggestion would be to be able to give it to a Player directly similar to Brigitte’s Armor?


What did you have in mind when creating Baptiste ? I feel he has a very “hero-like”, yet fragile personnality, and that is a big part of why I like him.
Was he always “planned” like Doomfist or Echo was ?


What happened with Cuerva and his team?


Why Baptiste can’t heal himself with an alternative fire?


Was Baptiste designed to be an off-healer or a main-healer? He has a ton of utility to provide, but I also feel like he can do a huge amount of healing. Which healer do you envision him to have the most synergy with?


What does Baptiste think about omnics and omnic culture (zen and mondatra religion)?


Nice nod to our community!

I’d like to know why you opted for 3-round burst as his weapon (not to mention it being introduced for the first time) vs. something more traditional like Soldier 76’s or McCree’s weapons?


Why did Sombra hack Talon’s archives to look up information on Baptiste, and is Sombra actually a good guy?

In the scope of Overwatch as a whole, how important is Baptiste to the overarching story and how big of a role does he play in it?


is there a possibility that baptiste is the answer to fixing the current meta (goats / 3 tank 3 support)?


Will Baptiste join Overwatch (not the game) ?


With the Exo Boots, Baptiste has the best vertical mobility for all the support heroes in the game. What was the inspiration for wanting him to have such an ability?

Thank you for continuing to make a great game.