Baps Ult and Recent Buff


I think Baps ult needs a lot more love than a 2s increase. By it’s nature, matrix is most valuable immediately after it’s deployed while there are enemy players on the other side of it to actually shoot at. It only takes a few seconds for everyone to clear out, so adding 2 more seconds to the end really doesn’t help much.

The issue is the angle of attack it provides. If it were wider, it would allow for better angles. Even with extended length, I still don’t think a 2D field will cut it. I think it would be better if the field were longer and curved. Players could stand on the the inside of the curve and greatly improve the number of possible angles to attack from.

Just my thoughts. I love Bap and I can gen his ult super fast. It’s just really hard to get the enemy to stand in front of it.


I think it’s fine. Support ults are way more powerful than the damage dealing ones.

Don’t forget it doubles your healing for you and Ana (and Moira orbs).


2 extra seconds the enemy cant peek out without fear of being 1 shotted from everything. Not the greatest ult, but he does get it very fast, so that helps.


The usual reaction is to hide until it’s over already, so duration is possibly the most relevant buff it could get.

Also, I’m still waiting for people to realize it can be placed near the enemies or in a central area instead of always right in front of themselves. Stick it in front of the dreaded enemy “Bunker,” and your team can follow up from wherever they want.


His ult is pretty weak to balance out the fact that he has Immortality Field and good AoE healing.


It should honestly be in front of him at all times in a fixed los that he positions, like DVa’s matrix, but he can choose how far it is from him. That way:

  • It moves with him, making it more flexible.
  • it encourages his team to work with him since he can position it more dynamically.
  • though this would make for a powerful ult of doubling value, killing baptiste during amp can shut it down early.

I honestly think it’d work much better that way.


Oh man, now THAT’s a fun idea! The matrix moving with him! That’s brilliant.