Banning terms like KYS


You’re pointing out exactly how easy it would be to keep off messaging, just like with ggez, its not hard. But yet through 10 seasons now of it being abused it still exists. Wait until someone commits suicide from being bullied online playing overwatch and then see what you have on your hands Blizzard.


I recommend you just mute the user and avoid them as teammate instead.


Uninstall and Keep Your Sanity… I kid, I kid

  • Hey team, should I wait for the rest of you near the payload or kill myself to reset?
  • kys

nah, just kidding, it’s a horrible term


You cant avoid someone as a teammate. How do you suggest I do that exactly?


Go to your recent players and right click on the player you would like to avoid and there is an “Avoid as teammate” button.




Did that with gg ez :clown_face:


Because banning “gg ez” worked?

People who want to say toxic things are gonna say toxic things. Automated filtering just makes it a pain in the butt for regular, not-toxic people to have a conversation. This very forum is a good example. Apparently you can’t have a conversation about the neonazi propoganda that plague OWL’s twitch channel unless you remember to write “neo” in front of “[censored]”.


Wow, if you can’t handle someone trashtalking you on the internet, you’re probably already on an FBI list of some sort.


Really, Blizzard should be made into swear word. This is he only way to awoid neutering of the game and players by special snowflakes.

Blizzard yourself!
You damn blizzard!
Were you Blizzard on your head in childhood?
You are an -ard, a Blizzard!
You are as smart as Blizzard dev!
No, you are not Blizzard. You surpassed the limits of blizzardness - you are Activision!


this is the kind of attitude that keeps suicide rates high. Not everyone gets actively offended by “trashtalking” but a good number of them are already suicidal, and telling a suicidal person to kys is akin to putting a gun in their hand.


This absolution of all personal responsibility/self-control via an insular lifestyle from the beginning is what causes people to deteriorate into such a state. Hearing KYS in a video game is far less imposing than hearing someone curse you in real life. You might want to go read some dystopian literature before you go on this censorship campaign.


The solution is simple - mandatory psychological tests before allowing people to buy violent video games like Overwatch. If companies actually cared about peolpes well being and not their stocks, they`d do that. But they dont.


the slippery slope argument? that’s what you’re going with? We’re not asking for heavy censorship, just to censor the worst offenders.


Blizzard would have nothing on their hands. That’s a rather unjust statement. The responsibility would lie with the abuser as well as the victim themselves. Otherwise, that is tantamount to suggesting that social media sites are responsible for the victims of suicide or self-harm due to the negative experiences they have online while using their systems. These sites offering a service have no blame in what their users decide to do. They can only manage it the best they can and punish those who violate their ToS.

Context truly is everything. If we ban everything that “could” be offensive, then you’ll have no freedom to speak or think freely. That’s not a world anyone wants to live in, because what one finds offensive, another may not and vice versa. It creates a cascading effect and it’s not unlike anything we’ve seen in reality thus far.


That’s entirely subjective. Your rebuttal to me was essentially NUH UH.


because you don’t return invalid arguments. Slippery slope arguments are invalid and therefore not deserving of any length reply.


Just a reminder - statement is that “telling someone to kill themselves can lead to them killing themselves” is not an argument and is not backed by any evidence and anything that can back it up.

You might as well claim banning people being toxic would lead to them commiting suicide because they got emotional over suspension of their accounts and were restricted in venting their pent up frustration and depression.


I sometimes say kys as an insult… im not literately telling them to kill themselves… its just a fast and easy way of responding to something really stupid or someone talking garbage. like any insults ever used???