Banning by reports is disgusting


It would be nice if you could contestant reports I agree with that I got banned from the forums for mentioning a political figure when SYM with her giant “wall” was on the PTR so I believe they should notify you when you get reported a couple days later and you should be able to contest the report just like you do on the forums


All he said is that he wants to play his character. No where does he suggest others have to flex for him; That is your own bias that you’re trying to force on him.

By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

No where is it written that anyone must flex. Blizz has specifically said, mulitple times, that one-tricking and not-switching is not reportable. And there is not a “poor team cooperation” report field.

Blizzard does have direct statements that not-switching is not-punishable and not reportable.

Gameplay sabotage requires intent to lose. Not-switching is not evidence of such, which is why not-switching is explicitly excluded under the report description.

Where does the report description sit?

Jeff said one-trick is not reportable, so reports for one-tricking is a false report. The code of conduct says:

falsely reporting another player with the sole intent of restricting their gameplay is also unacceptable and will result in penalties to your account.


the game was developed around this core mechanic… the intention is pretty much clear to me.

the devs probably didnt expect this kind of behavior (i mean the game was even released without a decent report function)… and now they are just trapped because so many people do it.
it takes only one person to ruin the whole match…


No not every hero is great for every situation but I admire him sticking to what he really thinks is right in this situation. He doesn’t want people to feel forced to play specific characters and doesn’t think they should be banned for that and only for that and I agree with him. Either you can ban across the board for picking off meta, you can not ban at all for picking off meta, or you can begin picking open when and where what heroes can be banned. In all of the above, a ton of people are going to be unhappy, I’d rather them be unhappy but be in the option that allows for the most player choice and freedom.


Dude thats how the game works you construct a team comp with five other people that works well together so if he’s unwilling to switch everybody else has to flex to him or they lose because every fight will be 5v6 I’m not constructing anything that’s how this game works that worked from day one how it’s going to continue to work and I can keep preaching that they have implemented avenues for him to do what he’s wanting to do called lfg system he’s getting reported for not doing that for poor teamwork but you can go on feeling like you won dude idc but I was trying to evolve our conversation and you won’t step forward


I took this picture literally right now. Where is “poor teamwork”?

Also wanted to add:



They got rid of poor performance ban and swap it with game sabotage. Nevertheless players still use that report as poor performance. I think what needs to be said is that they slack on heroes tweaking. If they made other heroes more viable than the same usual. There wouldn’t be much of that problem especially at high bracket ranks.

This isn’t old blizzard where you have a chance to challenge the ban. Usually you’ll get a warning and a ban would not be applied. There new laws are a silence or suspension is a warning when in reality it’s a ban / penalty. Old Blizzard wasn’t like that.

The thing is as I said before. The crew needs to keep tweaking hero to be slightly different or be on par with other heroes often. That keeps the meta fresh and also keeping your consumers happy. Hots and LoL does that on a daily basis regardless of platform. Sure their community maybe toxic, but they still do justice keeping their meta healthy.


funny thing is people do not want this.



Anyways at least you got the picture that hero tweaking keep the meta fresh helps the game in the long run. That alone reduces the tension between players and less reports.


Seeing as you’re Judge Dredd here, when does “not cooperating with your team” kick in? Can I be reported after one person tells me to change to some other hero? You seem to know everything after all.


I have a picture right now it wont let me post but one tricks there’s at least three of you on this post add each other play with each other then you guys can all one trick and won’t report each other I did exaggerate my time frame did not know they swapped poor teamwork off the report screen if they have I have a picture of poor teamwork off my recorded game with the torbjorn I took a picture of me reporting him but it won’t let me share from outside sources is what it keeps telling me but poor teamwork is game play sabotage because you’re not working with a team so you’re sabotaging the game


I would like to see viability raised for certain heroes but it’s like Keeeyt said, some people have grown very attached to the current playstyles. Even low picks like Sym have their strong supporters if the recent forum posts are any indicator. Making large changes to established heroes is a game of balance for Blizzard.

I think even more imporant in this regard is more player education as to the use of the report feature. While many people will continue false reports even if they know what it is meant for, we can see in this thread some people have some misconceptions about what the devs consider to be a reportable offense.


I don’t know everything if you read I’m just repeating the same thing because everybody keeps Remodeling and my answer keeps standing as the exact same thing use the lfg system if you want to one trick will you will get reported I’m saying it and different variations of words trying to drive it home but nobody’s listening you can one trick through the lfg system and nobody will report you but if you solo queue and you don’t cooperate and you one trick you can get reported


You can easily upload the image to get a sharable link and then just put a space in between the www. urlnamehere .com to get past the filter.


I’m trying to post it from my phone I’m not home I’m on my phone


you know… its pretty simply often times in practice.

yes you cannot be reported for your hero choice… but playing certain heroes results in feeding very often. there you have the valid report reason.


You can do it from your phone as well.


I hear ya on that, but long overdue tweaks are needed to keep the game healthy. It’s not like a complete rework or anything, but tweaks here and there. It’s not fair to those heroes who are barely touched a.k.a Tracer, Pharah and Genji as an example. Bastion and Torbjorn is on the list so I hope they do them well.


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bioshock stuck after 3rd picture doors stuck shut

See my steam game glitched like 3 weeks ago