Banned from competitive play


I recently got disconnected from the game during a competitive match, my internet connection was still fine, I was able to watch youtube videos and talk in discord still, but this has caused me to get banned. The FAQ states that there should be some kind of banner on the competitive button that shows me the state of the ban, but there is no banner.

I should not have been banned in the first place due to the disconnected being the server’s fault and not my own.

Please help.

Hi there, the simulated images in my old guide are outdated and they longer have a banner on the locked Competitive Play option if you are permanently banned. Apologies for the confusion.

Remember disconnections can happen for a wide variety of reasons including those that don’t disconnect your computer from your overall internet connection. If you are disconnecting frequently specifically from Overwatch, you need to troubleshoot your connection route by running connection tests such as a WinMTR test.

As always, suspension and bans from specifically Competitive Play are absolute and cannot be appealed. See this official Blizzard post for more details on this policy:



This is the first time in months that I have left a game, I have never been banned before, so I am assuming this is a seasonal ban? Because it states that you need a few seasonal bans before getting a permanent ban. I did not disconnect due to my connection, as I said, my internet was still working perfectly.

Why am I being punished for a disconnection cause by your servers?

This is not fair.

If it’s really the first time you’ve left a game, it’s a 10 minute ban.
Escalation is 10 min, 30 min, 2 hrs, 8 hrs, 24 hrs, season


Thats not how it works mate.
Your connection can work perfectly to a web or a local business and whatever and then your ISP can have issues reaching blizzard servers, which is in fact, part of “your side” of the connection between the two.

If it was caused by the servers, the 12 players are disconnected and the server “rolls back” that match so it doesn’t exist anymore. Since this wasn’t the case and it was only you, you are penalized.

Also this is not the first time at all, otherwise you wouldn’t be banned for the season. Watch out because you can get banned permanently from Competitive.

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You can disconnect without losing full internet connection, If you read the last post you would know that.

Like it or not, your internet connection is your responsibility and not blizzards. It is up to you and you alone to ensure you have a solid connection to the game.

If this is true then you would have only had a 10 minute ban.


At this point I do not know about your specific situation. I do know that if your Competitive Play option is locked with no message, then you are banned. Remember as a forum MVP I am just a player who helps other players, so I can’t look up anyone’s account.

Game server malfunctions are very different and if a server crashes, all players return to the lobby server and then restarts a new match. Remember if you see the message, “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in yellow text in the text chat box, this means there is something that disrupted your connection to the game server and not a problem with the game server itself. There can be a variety of reasons this happens including those that don’t disconnect your computer from the Internet.

I have only ever been banned for max 30 minutes at most, and that was at a time that there were a lot of server issues that would randomly disconnect players and not let them rejoin, I lost hundreds of SR due to that.
Now there is no timer on my ban, how am I supposed to know how long I am banned for?

So you had YouTube running and Discord open and wonder why you got disconnected from an online game? Have you considered the bandwidth issue and that you overtaxed your internet?

I recently learned that people who disconnect during a placement game are given a 24 hour ban. (This early in the season I’m guessing you were in placements?)

If you can’t get back in 24 hours after your disconnect (which should be pretty soon now) you’ll have to contact support to ask them about it.

Also, if you’re in a group and the group tries to queue into competitive, the time until your ban is up should be stated in the scrolling chat (I don’t know if that goes to the group leader, or to you, or to both.) If you have a friend willing to help you could try that, but of course depending on timing you might actually end up in a match.

Also check if the time shows up in scrolling chat when you click on the competitive icon. I don’t remember where or how it showed up, but it was pretty clear to me that I had a ten minute ban after the last time I got disconnected from competitive and that was only a couple months ago.

One of these is a lie, so which one is it? :thinking:


It is possible he left one of the games early at victory/defeat screen without noticing it.

Its just 10 minutes first time.chill.Or you probably are trying to lie becouse u got perma