Banned for playing Symmetra


Two years ago people were being silenced for playing literally any of like a third of the roster.
And you know what people said in response? You’re lying. You’re doing something wrong. Just don’t play those heroes.

It’s crazy how far we’ve come.


OP speaks the truth. I have been banned 4 or 5 times simply for playing Symmetra. No griefing, no toxicity. And when you try to dispute your ban, Blizzard GMs come up with some vague and/or bogus reason to justify it. Automatic ban system is a joke.


Im perfectly fine, its you who missed my point. You cant control the actions of others but you can control the type of group you play with, finding like minded players via LFG or friendlist which was the point of my analogy.


Torb mains can relate


Actually you kinda can. Not in this scenario, for the most part. But one absolutely can.


At the point where you are muting text chat and playing for yourself you are throwing by definition. This is called “poor teamwork” and a reportable offense. I would report you for not participating in the chat as well.


It’s because of people like you who didn’t bother reading what “Poor teamwork” actually was:

Not participating in chat has never been a reportable offense. You’re false reporting; false reporting is BANNABLE offense.


after the rework nothing changed (as a sym 1-trick)
everybody flame you for playing sym and they say"we got attack sym gg its a los" but personly i think new sym is better in attack more then is def
me too im really scared i dony wanna get banned xD but i will not stop playing sym never :smiley: (i still like the old one :frowning: )


even symmetra one tricks on this forum claim she is a throwpick and super bad., not viable… blablabla.


They say that because they can’t play her anymore so they want every Symmetra main that still plays her to be miserable.

Not only we have to fight the stigma Symm already had but now we have these mains shouting everywhere she’s trash because they hate the rework.


i mean she is… but she has the potential to be powerful. that’s the other part of her being unreliable - sometimes weak and sometimes strong (but mostly weak rip). It takes a lot to play symm and do good but it also depends on the enemy team’s awareness


you do not realize that you do more harm than good by calling her trash/throwpick.


Yeah well that’s the downside of this repressive approach to toxicity I guess. You can make the systems more repressive and yes it will have a impact on the toxicity but by making it more repressive a lot of innocent people will also be caught in the system’s crossfire.

That’s why I mostly argue to just make do with what we have because I’d rather have some toxic pricks unpunished then one innocent person punished. Kind of what the entire judicial system is based upon but oh well. Try to explain that to the forum hordes who got triggered by “gg” or whatever it now is.


She’s sometimes weak and sometimes strong because she works much better in some maps than others, like the majority of the other heroes.

How is that her being a throwpick and super bad? You have a lot of evidence from high ranked players who stream showing she works very well in a lot of situations.

I mean, the rework is far from being perfect (specially that M1) but atleast now there’s room to buff her.


look here is my theory.

I paid for the game,i pay for the internet to play the game,i pay for the electric bill to play the game, and ill play who i want and how long i want in the game(unless the toon of choice is already taken)…sorry thats how i roll and thats how im going to continue to roll.


definitely. I think her rework is cool but they need to make her tp and turrets less clunky, faster (and more responsive) and buff in some way her primary fire or give her survivability in some way (passive shield gaining or straight up buff her health) so she’s more durable while fighting with her primary beam.

right now her damage comes from her turrets, and they can be destroyed in an instant. It takes 10 full seconds to get 1 turret back and that is what make her unreliable as a DPS.


i’ve long complaied that the actual “toxic element” in the game uses the report system for hero selection alone

it’s long been gamed and abused by others to get wrongful suspentions against players


Banned for playing Reinhardt

either you copied this post or they copied you. i’m not taking this seriously anymore because we’re just spamming this thread


too bad this whole false reporting thing is never verified report system is automated cross the threshold of reports and enjoy silences, suspentions and full account closure
thanks jeff great system you have given to us to get the actual good players of the community banned

By toxic stacks


Probably for being toxic, don’t confuse yourself or anyone on the thread.