Banned for crashing

So i just queued for a comp game after finishing my placement games yesterday, i bought the game like a week ago… I queued and the game froze, i couldnt do anything, i waited for few mins and nothing, so i pressed alt+f4, i opened the game again and i had a 25min ban and 50 ranked points less, after this first experiance i dont feel like playing again… What kind of a game takes away something that you gotta work for like an hour of playtime minimum, on purpose, just because you crashed, what was i supposed to do, not crash? like i decide will i crash or not? like in other games (csgo, lol…) community is toxic but here literally the devs are toxic…

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

well im just saying it is a really dumb system, take a look at csgos, lols or any other popular games system, it doesnt ban you and give you huge penalties for not being rich and having a good pc, just lets you reconnect

Actually I have looked at other games and they do apply appropriate penalities, but each game has different rules to deter leavers.

My power cycled and was able to rejoin the game. Our team won, but I was banned and got penalized with a loss. It shouldn’t penalize you if you rejoin.

I agree. Yesterday I was playing some competitives, and before the begining of the game I just ran to the kitchen really quick to pick some food. When I arrived I choosed my hero but I got kicked from the game, then I rejoined the game but the game just ended because I “left the game” in the begining and like you I was banned and lost 50 SR points.

I think Blizzard should review this specific situations when you got disconnect in the begining of a game, then you rejoin, but the game ends anyway and you loose SR :confused:

the option to reconnect IS in the game, its only doesnt give it when it closes the server because you were absent for too long. it knows people dont want to play a 5v6 comp game, so they will close the server if the round had just begun

yes but why would it close it if it doesnt know if im going to reconnect or not, like give me 3 mins or something not this bs

I just ran into the issue where the game loaded me in to a placement game but didn’t change screens so I lost a placement game and got banned because I was never able to actually get back into the game that I was never in

I am being punished for crashing but the game says im leaving the game early i am losing so much time and xp! Please end the madness

just got another 10m cooldown and -50 sr for crashing while i was in queue, not in game, im pissed, please change this so you have time to reconnect, the way it is working right now is really dumb and no one has any use of it, it just annoys already annoyed people who have bad pcs, have to deal with crashing, and you are punishing them for crashing…

Bump. same issue here still seeing the problem after 2 YEARS! I think obviously Blizzard doesn’t care anymore. And stop the BS about server can’t differentiate whether you quit or you crashed as when you quit you clearly need to send to the server a ‘I quit’ message

please don’t necro old posts. thank you