Banned for 2 Tricking


Lol nice job writing it off by basically saying “they say they do but they really don’t”

Why do you think Effect and xQc were banned under grounds for “false reporting”?


There’s definitely more going on here OP isn’t telling us.


You’re refusing to work with the team. You keep ignoring this.
Refusing to work with the team is grounds for a report.

Game-play sabotage. Take that selfish mindset to QP.

Never said anything about this specific case being justified. I don’t know all of the relevant information.

I wish it was one. Oh how I wish it was one.
No I don’t, nice straw-man though.

I do. If the player refuses to swap when their character is countered and they aren’t doing anything, then I’ll report the player for refusing to work with the team.

I also do not believe the OP’s story at face value. OP could very easily be lying to us about their conduct online.


It’s worth noting that it’s kinda hard to share a lot of information when Blizzard provides us no information at all.


Effect and xQc.
Both got suspended once for false reporting.

Was the system automated then?



manual bans due to the sheer amount of reports given at
along with twitch videos and clips of the stream

those are very very public

and the only times manual bans happened


Those were very specific situations where notoriously extremely toxic players were on the radar by Blizzard.


If you think you were falsely suspended you could always try appealing your suspension to blizzard customer support. They might overturn it if they find that you were suspended mistakenly. I’ve heard that Stevo (GM/T500 symm 1 trick) was suspended many times but got all his suspensions overturned


no he didn’t

cause stevooo is toxic

fuey on the other hand isn’t

and got 1 of his bans overturned once

all the others have stuck


K I’m just going off what I’ve heard bud, all i kno is Stevo is still playing overwatch


I’m not ignoring my team I’m playing the hero I’m having fun with, and they are requiring me to play stuff either I’m bad at or I don’t have any fun with again no justification, it’s not refusing to work with the team it’s just looking for something to blame, games are meant to be fun and I’m doing whatever I can to have fun playing this game, again you are false reporting I’m not ignoring my team I’m doing the stuff that makes me have fun, what if I mute my whole team does that result in a report too? Because you know I can’t hear them so according to you im refusing to work with them?

A game is made for a person to have fun playing If I want to have fun im not selfish and in most of my games I’m winning when one tricking its not like I’m having fun at the cost of my teammates sr and my Sr too


If Blizzard were to divulge what they did wrong exactly to be punished no one would complain about anything.

But she does not divulge anything, just punishes you and hopes that you know what you did wrong, that often helps in nothing.


He is a streamer. They overturn streamers, including Fuey. There is a YouTuber who plays a lot of Sym and Sombre who has gotten 5 warnings but no suspension. Basically, they whitelist you if you have an audience because if this information got past the toxic layer of the regular community people wold be rightfully freaking out and pressuring Blizzard to either fix it or at least be aware that Blizzard lies and not take their statements at face value. It would be a mess. Luckily the people here who could get it out are the people that abuse it, or this would not have been a problem since before the report system was “overhauled.”


Thankyou sir you save me sometime much appreciated


You are not allowed to report someone for things that took place in games you took no participation in. That can also get you banned.

Again, that doesn’t matter. If you did not participate in the match where the scenario took place, you are not allowed to report the person.


Welcome to the fam, you can get everyone banned if you report them enough.


You will always get reported and the automatic system will always get you if enough people do it.


Unless they’re whitelisted of course. And most whitelisted players are/were toxic.


Didn’t you know the only allowed dps picks are Genji, Tracer, Hanzo, Widow and Doomfist?

No other dps allowed, else you will get reported. =p