Ban smurfs faster or even instantly!

no, Throwing isn’t not playing. You deranking to a lower rank then you should be is forbidden, smurfs do that! Even if you try to climp after it, you break the rules before that.

Smrufing is boosting your own account basically, after you throwed it to a much lower rank then you are.

Yes the action of Throwing to reach that rank is bad, but theres no detailing anywhere about your GM account beeing in bronze beeing banneable

If you threw so much to reach down there, why climb back up?

Then thats not really smurfing is it?

Its a really gray line, and its confusing, but, honestly, boosting is different regardless…

Not like it matters whats banneable and whats not because the report system is broken

It isnt against the rules, it takes the matchmaker forever to put them where you belong, and you will be fine.

it is as its pointed out on their twitter post.

Most smurfs are decayed trash playing on alt accounts cause they fell off. Just practice in deathmatch and watch a ton of pro streamers and in about a few months you’ll pop these guys like nothing. Blizzard is never going to do what you ask for, you can improve yourself so much that these problems will mean nothing to you in the future. Do what you can, Blizzard don’t care.

Having an alt isn’t the same as smurfing and intentionally deranking. I’d rather you defer to the lead dev’s, Jeff Kaplan, response.

Since his answer does trump all.


not everyone wants to be a pro player, i want fair matches, smurfs destroy exactly taht :wink:

i didnt talk about an alt. I talked about smurfs.

You can’t prove if someone is smurfing or if it is just an alt account matchmaker hasn’t put in the right spot yet :woman_shrugging:

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See it’s not even about wanting to be pro, it’s just understanding what fps are. If you can get really good at one you’ll carry that into every game you play in the future. Anyone can get gud. Just takes awhile, but trust me its worth. You’re able to enjoy things better when you understand them.

you seriously dont understand overwatch do you? There is only one way to carry: Being much above the rank the current match is. Otherwise Blizzard intentionally didn’t make any hero carrying anything.

not its not :wink: Trust me, much more fun having engaing matches without thinking that i need to be better then the rest.

How do you know for certain that someone is a smurf?

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He doesn’t. Anyone that is better than him, and not just evenly matched, for any reason is a smurf.


not at all, so you ban alt accounts. Problem solved.

you easily say that without knowing the situation at all :smiley: you need video proof for everything or.

…why am I hungry for ramen now, I blame you user with ramen bowl for icon

Alts aren’t against the rules. How do you know for a 100% fact which account is an alt, or even an actual smurf, and they dont just come from an FPS background?

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Well what if an alt account belongs to a friend or sibling?

Wouldn’t matter, there is no way to prove it is even an alt since a new email is needed for every account.

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Alright, how bout this. That kid who’s “smurfing”, at the end of the day is just better than you. He\she wasn’t born good, at one point they were even at your level. They played a lot, practiced, and had the mentalitity to be better. Now they can enjoy the game on levels you can’t, but if you just took a little time, you can ne that good too. You can understand what you’re doing. You can constantly build on yourself to become better. You can be the guy to carry. Smurfs will mean nothing to you. Then smurfs will not be a problem to you. Blizzard won’t do anything for you here, but if you do what I just told, your problem will literally be solved AND you’ll enjoy the game so much more. Is it really such a bad idea?


Thats the point I was making. There is no way to prove its a smurf and no way to prove an alt account is the same person. So theres no way to prevent smurfing besides having a good ranking system and incentives to playing right.

thats a stupid argument. They can play at their level if they want, having fun in lower ranks doesn’t make them better… Again, just cause they are better, they are not allowed to free run on lower ranks… thats insane what you ask for.,