Ban smurfs faster or even instantly!

It’s the 3. time in a row i have a unranked level 25-30 in my game who completly destroys everyone. It’s not fair for these matchups to even happen, and no , if the system would work it wouldn’t happen 3 rounds.

They are just hurting everyone, they are not helping anyone other then your money crap blizzard.

Communicate really clearly that it is forbidden, keep getting people saying that its allowed. IT isn’t by your own rules, still you don’t do anything against them.

To help you people get around better on this topic:

What’s the point of having an alt account if you’re just going to play the same heroes you play on your main account? There’s many reasons:
To have the matchmaking system unable to track your previous match history
To provide anonymity
To bypass the reported count, because if they’re spread across multiple accounts, action is less likely to be taken
To avoid any penalties that would have otherwise occurred to your main account as a result of reports
To force more people out of top 500
To disrupt games at lower ranks
To be toxic basically without repercussion to your main account (this is going back to the anonymity and reports thing)
To inflate one’s ego

Qouted from below, thats what we are talking about.

Here are some quotes from blizzard, about smurfing.

This should give you a general direction of information of infos


no one bans them, it’s not against rules


Stop saying that, it is. It was answered already before, it’s Gameplay Sabotage, SR Manipulation.



www.buffed de/Overwatch-Spiel-55018/News/Streamer-Stevooo-Bann-Blizzard-1239891/

“This page is under construction”

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But anyways, heres a source that says the oposite


Manipulating your SR/MMR, whether intentionally losing or otherwise, is against our EULA, the spirit of OW & sportsmanship in general.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) 26. September 2017

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But the comment by jeff says the oposite

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and thats a comment from blizzard itself. the other one.

BTW it doesn’t read again.


Throwing is not playing which isnt what you detailed in the thread

Boosted is increasing ANOTHER players rank artificially by playing on their account

Smurfing and Boosting are different


no, Throwing isn’t not playing. You deranking to a lower rank then you should be is forbidden, smurfs do that! Even if you try to climp after it, you break the rules before that.

Smrufing is boosting your own account basically, after you throwed it to a much lower rank then you are.

Yes the action of Throwing to reach that rank is bad, but theres no detailing anywhere about your GM account beeing in bronze beeing banneable

If you threw so much to reach down there, why climb back up?

Then thats not really smurfing is it?

Its a really gray line, and its confusing, but, honestly, boosting is different regardless…

Not like it matters whats banneable and whats not because the report system is broken

It isnt against the rules, it takes the matchmaker forever to put them where you belong, and you will be fine.

it is as its pointed out on their twitter post.

Most smurfs are decayed trash playing on alt accounts cause they fell off. Just practice in deathmatch and watch a ton of pro streamers and in about a few months you’ll pop these guys like nothing. Blizzard is never going to do what you ask for, you can improve yourself so much that these problems will mean nothing to you in the future. Do what you can, Blizzard don’t care.

Having an alt isn’t the same as smurfing and intentionally deranking. I’d rather you defer to the lead dev’s, Jeff Kaplan, response.

Since his answer does trump all.


not everyone wants to be a pro player, i want fair matches, smurfs destroy exactly taht :wink:

i didnt talk about an alt. I talked about smurfs.

You can’t prove if someone is smurfing or if it is just an alt account matchmaker hasn’t put in the right spot yet :woman_shrugging:

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