Ban in ranked games for a season

Greetings to all who are reading this.
I want to tell you how Overwatch decided to block me for an entire season. It all started with the fact that there were games where I just wouldn’t load into the game. Well it didn’t load, well, okay, I’ll go play the next game. Strange, it loaded without errors, and also was the fastest in my team, hmmm…
But then, these dropouts from the match became REGULAR. I checked the RAM slots in the computer, because one time there was actually an error because I didn’t fit them all the way into the slots correctly. No the error was not in them, and even then, what it showed me didn’t look like it. I went back to check the drive, there were no errors. I did a fragmentation just in case. This did not improve the result, I received a ban for 8 hours. Freaked out. Turned off the computer and went to rest. Today, I decided to try to run a ranked match, to rest, because I had free time. Especially before that I played one game in arcade matches, to make sure everything works. As you might have guessed, there was no surprise, the match was standard, with no lags, high pings and dropouts. I bravely decided to start looking for a ranked game. This was a fatal mistake. I again failed to load into the match and got banned for the whole season. I think this is unacceptable, I want this ban removed. That’s why I came to the English-American version of the support site Blizzard. And I use the translator.

What you describe is not likely an issue with your computer, but with your connection. Try following these steps.

Penalties will never be removed for technical issues. Please refer to this support guide.


@WyomingMyst-1633, man you really are being rude… maybe ask the player what specifically is happening to help him out instead of copy/paste spamming links that may not apply to the user. Also, thanks for the temp ban for criticizing your lack-luster “steps” and “guides”.

MVPs are other players who volunteer time to help fellow players out. MVPs have only green text. They can’t moderate anything. They don’t work for Blizzard or represent Blizzard in any way.

You don’t have to like what a fellow player says, but going after someone for starting with general troubleshooting is not cool.

If you think you can do better - do it. Start helping other players without sarcasm, digs, innuendo, etc. Stick to facts and be polite.

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going after someone for starting with general troubleshooting is not cool.

The reason why I said this is because the “MVPs” always copy and paste the same troubleshooting guides without reading much into the post. I get it, they volunteer their time to attempt to help other players. However, if I were in this position and using my time to help players, I would at least use it well, instead of “huh, post says something about a connection issue. I think I have the link for trouble shooting somewhere…”