Ban appeal and Player Forgiveness

In the last two seasons of overwatch I have been banned twice from competitive game play, to my credit I had game crashes resulting in me needing to fully close the client and reconnect. Upon trying to reconnect I was given the error “BLZBNTBNA00000005” give or take a few zeros.

Blizzard should investigate leaves somehow especially when: someone who leaves has high endorsements, winning team, years of service generally. A crash report prompt? A player friendly appeal/bug report so you don’t need to jump through hoops? Rewards for good behavior like forgiveness on leaves for such actions like: reporting toxic players, autofilling, endorsements?

Players have reasons for leaving other than crashes, if a player has a child and needs to leave occasionally for an emergency let them atone some how for having to end the match.

What to do with ranked teams that have a missing player is an ENTIRE OTHER POST, but ill just drop a few ideas here for the sake of it.

  • A way to surrender matches
  • An autofill system that isn’t overpowered, maybe like a bot that is a mirror of the player that left based on stats??
  • Look to other games that handle leavers better?

Why did you come with such a suggestion almost 7 years to late? Such suggestions were made before? Maybe use the search function to participate in such topics more before joining a totally different related forum section and spam it with unrelated stuff over and over, when people like you can write huge blogs of this, you should also be able to read don’t you?

I’ve never used any of the blizzard forums, nor do I use forum websites. I just wanted to express my frustration, I’m sorry I’m not fully aware of the educate in this situation. Though I must ask, why are you being argumentative? We both want the same thing.

I’m not argumentative i just asked why did you come to an unrelated section of a forum where your frustration or whatever it’s supposed to, has nothing to do with the initial purpose of this area, speaking the “Workshop”, and further asked if you haven’t considered to reach out for your issue in a more suitable enviroment where others share similiar experiences and discuss it there. And if you have not seen that opportunity at all, and if so why you haven’t seen it? I exaggerated on the reason why you may did not saw that opportunity by dumpstering your ability to read, if i hurt your feelings i’m sorry, but it is what it seems to be to me.

Like I had stated I simply do not use forums so you can safely assume I’m not completely aware on how to use them. I request you look into your ability to read as well since you completely glazed over that point.

I know, that reflects your attitude, and answers at least one part of many questions.

Which point, how you narrow down of questions i asked you that my reading ability is in question and lacking, thats not the point here, while i do understand your point and frustration, if you are none the wiser tell me what am i missing, the part that you post irrelevant nonsense? Or your awareness how a forum works, any four year old would figure out by themselves how it works. But at this point i am also 100% sure you are trolling and using this thread really just to prove that. Have a nice day and please don’t come back with another unrelated stuff in this part of the forums. Maybe you overread “Workshop”? Is it that you don’t get? Please don’t answer i can fortune tell you you won’t like you ignored my previous questions, which you falsely interpret as arguments. Alone that proves your ability to read. Sad and bad, hope we won’t meet again at least here.