Ban after rejoining and playing in a competitive game?

First off my internet isn’t the best and ive been disconnected from a bunch of competitive games before. I was on Nepal and got disconnected. I rejoined, got disconnected again then played the rest. I thought I would be fine because I reconnected so fast. I come back and see that I have an EIGHT HOUR ban for something that wasn’t even my fault. Blizzard fix please ive never left a game its literally all disconnects.

Do you want to troubleshoot your connection issues? If so, start with these steps:

If they don’t help, add your network test results to this thread.

As for leaver penalties, here is Blizzard’s stance:

I think blizzard need to seriously fix this ban for rejoining issue. Ban for rejoining should not exist since the server can clearly detect that the player has rejoined…other MMOs such as world of tanks is a lot better at dealing with this issue, for example it gave penalties to players who just go afk and do not participate in the battle. Players who rejoined the battle (due to game crashes, router to internet provider issues etc) is still rewarded as long as they participate in battle properly. You might think players might abuse this system, but it does not happen since even some participation takes lots of effort. Players cannot really enter the game right right near when the battle is ending as well since no one can predict when will the battle ends. In summary, there’s work to be done, Blizzard (I know no MMO is perfect).