Ball nerfs will KILL the hero


I don’t think the ball nerfs will kill him, if you compare him to moria, his kit was way to unique for people to put down, look at doom for example, one of the worst hero’s right now but he still has a loyal group of players. Personally, I still find the hero to oppressive and would want more nerfs or at least a rework.

also, the entire thing was a mess, I rather blame the organization then the actual pro players. It just divided the community more

And i am happy about that. F that hero

How about letting the shield nerf go live but reverting the Knockback nerf. That way the main complaint concerning Hammond’s unkillability as a fat tracer gets adressed, while at the same time letting Hammond be a disruptor again, as was intended all along.

The adaptive shield nerf alone would break the hero. He’d be a feeder on the same level as Roadhog without the stunning OHKO that (debatably) makes up for it.

He’s already not in that great a place with the massive boop nerf.

I can see nothing in Hammond that could reasonably be described as a “design mistake”

I find Hammond to be a very well designed character

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I dont mind if ball die, and I think I can speak for 99% of the community

These changes were suggested by Ameng, u know, the owl ball player, so saying he doesnt understand the hero better than the rest of the community is a hot take