Ball nerfs will KILL the hero

At this point, they want Wrecking Ball to be a large ultimate battery. Pros, do us a favour and stop. CC deletes the hero easily, and now you’re punishing Ball players for doing their job.

If they continued to let pros balance the game, the game will die.

You can tell that they can’t think it through. For crying out loud they buffed Torb’s turret beyond belief and wanted to add infinite range to Zarya bubble, DM eat rock + lamp + ORISA SHIELD. Come on Devs. Don’t do this, please.


I think that was the point…


Even if they make it so my hamster’s bullets heal enemies, and any sort of physical contact stops all momentum, I will still play the hamster. I will try my best, or sink with the ship into bronze.


That’s not the point of the hero though. Top tier players are so god damn entitled in this game. It is so unbelievable. “Let’s make it optimal for us, but terrible for everyone else in the game”

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I was always under the impression that pros value high skill ceiling character. Ironically they buffed the only thing that makes him mindless. By decreasing his size they made him harder to hit while he spins. Everything else just makes sure he cannot secure surgical strike hits or be allowed to rollout through teams. They basically forced him to be in line with the “no skill” heroes yet not add anything at the same time. Its amazing really.


Don’t worry it’ll only be for tournament

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It blows my mind that they seem to think they understand the heroes, but in reality, they don’t all the time. They’re just nerfing characters they hate with a passion.

Trust me, they’ll make a lot of these live, trust me.


I hope you don’t eat crow, that would be very bad for everyone. Best scenario is that you are right, and we are overreacting.


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Less idiots that 1v6 and Mega feed with that thing

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Nah, they made him way easier to feed with. He is going to be the designated troll pick of the experimental card. Can’t wait to ruin games using him!

That is not meant to be a change brought to live game. The changes you read are EXCLUSIVELY for a tournament being played. There is ZERO thought of bringing them onto live so if you are going to play on the ExC any balance-based feedback.

If you think something is fun or feels better that is probably useful feedback though (conversely if something feels worse from a non balance perspective).

No, Space suggested a slight increase of a couple of meters for bubble range. Poko wanted the rock/field/shield eats and literally everyone on the panel thought it was too strong. I’m not a fan of the patch notes either, but can we not attribute things to them they didn’t suggest or vote for?

Thank gosh activision blizzard remains to be the greatest company ever!

Gonna quote this as a placeholder for the future.

I don’t know who to believe. You or the guys in charge?

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“These changes on Experimental are crazy! There is no way these are going live the way they are”

/all changes go live

It doesn’t, not when it comes to the absolute design mistake that is this hero with his tons of mobility, self - sustain and terrible CC of his own.

U think that’s gonna stop people from whining :joy: