Balancing Makes Sense and We Need to think like the devs

Instead of randomly suggesting buffs/nerfs that would make X character better for you, we need to discuss strengths and weaknesses and have actual good discussions!!!

Like this makes sense for most changes they’ve made recently:
Mercy Rework- her original ult was powerful in bringing back teammates but could kill her so they added invulnerability so she could stay alive with her team. And then it was her greatest strength, and her biggest weakness was her lack of ability to be involved in a team fight. Soooo they reworked her to be more involved in team fights. THEN nerfed her so that her strength would be her aoe healing and damage boost and then her weakness was she wouldn’t be able to have the extra strength of constantly deciding teamfights.

Hanzo’s strength was his ability to one shot anyone, which was too much. So they changed it which made him strong at dealing with targets, and then his weaknesses was lack of escapes and his arrows were a tad slow, thus the increase in speed and leap ability.

Tracer’s strengths are her damage capacities, her movement and “self heal,” and her almost always guaranteed kill ult, but then her weaknesses are her 150 health and if a mistake is made she’s easily killed.
BUT she had too much strength with tank busting and the nerf made it so she could still kill people below 300.

Brigitte’s strengths are her short CDs for burst damage and strong CC, her shield, her upclose combat dominance and her armor that she provides. Her weaknesses are then her lack of range, her ability to not be able to deal with enemies on more than one side, and her own self sustain is relatively low.
They then changed her armor cap and now her CD increase on Shield bash. Which helps combat the overall power of her strengths while not deleting her power 100%.

Sorry for the giant amounts of text but,
What other changes do you guys think you completely understand now?
I might just be dumb, but most of the changes make so much sense now.

Oh man, this is a hard one…

Well, Reinhardt’s strengths are SUPPOSED to be his shield. When I played yesterday, his shield was being eaten alive in seconds by the large amounts of spam I was receiving. I literally couldn’t progress passed a choke because of Orisa, Junkrat, Soldier, and new Hanzo all spamming into the shield.

We were stuck!

Reinhardt’s shield needs to be stronger, have better regeneration, and would honestly benefit from more HP. It feels wrong it shatters in 3-4 seconds.

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Ana is supposed to be a quintessential sniper and support hero. The original DPS/Support hybrid with long range and aggressive utility. Unfortunately she lost her damage, lost a lot of healing output, and honestly her main part of her kit is just crummy.

Her rifle.

She’s a high skill hero with low reward.

See I understand completely, it pains me to watch Reins shield go so fast. I think making it 3000 with a slightly faster regen would play out better? It keeps up his strength of being able to shield his team. But imo, asking to give Reinhardt CC immunity (based off posts I’ve seen) would dismantle one of his weakness. Like versus Orisa, his shield has more health and is wider (albeit her’s can be better sometimes due to the CD). And would you count his ability to hammer multiple people as a strength?

Orisa gets CC immunity because her weaknesses are…? I’m guessing her shield and her overall battlefield presence as an anchor tank that’s not attached to her shield. (oh and doomfist :wink: )
Honestly I’m such a bad person to talk about tanks. I can only play D.Va and Orisa and maybe Reinhardt but I rarely ever play tank.