BalanceWatch a 6v6 project

Game Code: 2SFET

Discord to find lobbies easier: (add the https://)

Hello friends! Nate here, leader of project N a hard working team that are determined to bring a fun 6v6 experience for everyone back to the game via the acknowledgment of blizzard or an arcade mode!

We’ve had amazing games and expert feedback to greatly refine the feel of this 6v6 experience! We hope you consider trying it out or joining the discord to help us make this game mode the best it can be!! See you in the game!!!


Any videos of this in action?

Great question!
No! Currently no videos!
We will have to make some!

Well I love the goal and wish you luck. I’ll have to check it out.

So i went in and saved the code. I looked to see if there were any of this one up, but there weren’t. I did play another 6v6 arcade mode and I have to say it was a blast. But this mode also had OW1 abilities back. Mei freeze, Cass stun grenade.

It was such a good time. I was okay with 5v5 as a thing, but honestly just playing this arcade mode really made me miss OW1 even more.

You got a list of “Patch Notes”?

:sweat_smile: I didn’t want to have a long post, though during tomorrows post I will can include the patch notes, does this forum have a character limit? I couldn’t initially tell from my phone.

Dunno, but if it does, it’s big.

Here’s one I made when I could still post pictures. Feel free to use the formatting style if it helps.

[OW2] Balance Design Blueprint

Go for it, man. I’m sure there’s no shortage of people that would be interested in this.