Bad fps performance


I have been experiencing very horrendous fps drops (while graphics are as low as possible, and even when they are set to higher settings) during game for few months (from 90 to 20). The temps are normal (around 60 to 70 c), and haven’t experienced any crashes (except one that was caused by a graphical application on the background). I tried reinstalling windows (and overwatch as I was wiping my HDD) and the problem still prevailed. After a few restarts to my pc and my game got locked to 10 fps or lower. I don’t know what exactly I did. It is still locked to 10 fps even when I go to a higher graphical setting. I have made sure that my drivers are up to date and my game is using the right GPU (via the game’s settings).

My pc components:
CPU: I7-7700HQ
GPU: GTX 1050
120 GB SSD

It’s common for this CPU to overheat. What are you using to monitor temperatures? The in-game display is an average only.

Aside from that, make sure your post includes the required DxDiag for troubleshooting.

I have mostly used the in-game display, but some times i have also checked task manager and it seemed to be the same.

Neither of these will track the data you want. Instead, use HWMonitor (free version).

The report shows errors from Windows Defender, so you may need more Windows updates, or to run a system file check to sort out any corrupt files.

I also noticed you’re getting a User Driver error, and that you’re using a HyperX peripheral. This is a common problem for HyperX headsets according to lots of posts on Reddit, and you may need to seek out a new driver for that.

Are you running any other apps/games before playing Overwatch when experiencing the 10 fps?

Only apps that I have open when I play overwatch is discord and Spotify, rarely do I have my browser or my graphical design app open during game.

I’ll see what I can do about the corrupted files and the drivers.

And have you tried closing all background apps to eliminate conflicts? Discord and Spotify are known to cause issues with the client.

You’ll also want to get some screenshots of HWMonitor if nothing helps.

Yes, right after restarting my pc I had nothing open in the background, still was 10 fps (I have nothing on my start up).

Edit: After doing a windows update my fps is now stuck on 16. Interesting thing I noticed was that as soon as I tab back into the game my fps was around 60 and then dropped back down. Also using HWmonitor I saw that the highest CPU temps were 88 c (lowest being 51 c), GPU didn’t go over 75 c. Also the GPU was barely used.

88C for the CPU is quite high before doing any gaming (or even while gaming), and it’s the throttle point for that model.

So, most likely the problem is thermal throttling.
Also the temps are around 60C before doing any gaming. My fault for not specifying where what temp was.

It might be thermal throttling. Could you add an MSInfo here too? You’ll probably need If it doesn’t fit due to the amount of errors, you can try

Here you go

[Startup Programs]

1. OneDrive
2. Discord	
4. Steam
5. Spotify
7. SecurityHealth
8. ShadowPlay

With the exceptions of probably #6 and #7 (Windows security), all of these apps should not be set to load on startup, especially if checking for software conflicts.

I also see errors for:

  • the ROG Gaming Center. I’ve seen a lot of problems with it on the forums.
  • NcbService (network connection broker service). This can sometimes happen if you have ethernet and WiFi adapters enabled at the same time.
  • A large number of Windows system errors. Make sure you do the system file check/repair.

Something I forgot to mention from the DxDiag, set the DPI to match the native version on the desktop.

User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
System DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent)

You should be able to do this by right-clicking the desktop > Display settings.

So, I did system file check/repair, and changed the DPI to 125%. After that I launched overwatch and it still was around 10 to 16 fps, I then switched it to windowed (from full screen) and now I have 100 or so fps with minor hiccups here and there. In the future I am planning on switching out the thermal paste and cleaning my laptop from dust. Thank you for your time and help.

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Awesome. I hope things continue to improve for you :slight_smile: