"Avoid as teammate" feature is horrid


The 2 player limit will only benefit top level play where there are way less players. In gold I see people I want to avoid regularly and because there soooooooooooooooooooo many people in gold I never run into the same guy on back to back days let alone a week period. Only at the top level of play will someone bump into another player they don’t want to play with a few times a week or more ( depending on time played )


before that I played 1.7k hours of team fortress, im not that easy to burn out. but as i have grown as a person my tolerance for bullshot has shrunk a lot


This is still reportable and ban worthy. Under the new “gameplay sabotage”.


Reporting will not help you in the short term though. Blizzard can use weeks to take action, this will not help you in your next game, or the one after that.


They brought the system back in a highly restricted way because of how abusable it is conceptually.

Lets say you had unlimited permanent avoidance… you would just avoid everyone you deem to be a bad player so they can only show up on the enemy team. So that you would have more steamroll matches in your favor.

Which is just as bad as when it was just Avoid Player where people did it to avoid good players so they would never face them.

Its so abusable that to bring it back it had to be highly restricted… to the point of almost being worthless and with a time limit.


Just clarifying that it’s not a replacement and that person should most definitely still be reported so they can face a ban.

The post about the system even outright says it.


The abuse you describe here, is only a likely consequence if the matchmaking system is poorly created. By avoiding everyone you deem a bad player, you SHOULD get extremly long matchmaking times, rather than a really easy win. Another possible solution for this could be to not let you play against players you had avoided either. (As long as you had already been teamed with them, that is, you could not avoid players you had only played against)


time has already proven that the reporting feature does nothing to alleviate general toxicity levels in the game. plus trolls just buy a new account if their old one got banned. at least with avoid as teammate we wouldn’t have to wait for blizzard to take action… but unfortunately the feature is useless :confused:


I mean I can only speak for myself and I’ve never run into a play session where I’ve thought I never want to play with this person again and it’s happened with multiple people in a short time spam

The system is only for the most egregious of actors, even playing with one tricks I can only think of 1-2 from recent memory who I would never want to play with ever again.


They’ve stated why it’s only 2 though? Would you prefer much long queue times?


From the OP’s post it is quite clear that he would rather have longer wait times than poor games. And I completly agree with him. Quality of games is much more important than fast matchmaking in my opinion.


I do think the amount of people should be increased. Maybe 10 or 15. I don’t believe a permanent one is needed. With the amount of people playing, avoiding someone for a few days should be enough. I doubt you will see the avoided people again for a long time.


Yeah, that is true. I would rather have the option to avoid a lot of players for a short time, say 24 hours. Than 2 people for a week.


You avoiding others shouldn’t increase your wait time. It’s the wait time of those people are avoiding that Blizzard is worried about.


If you are being constantly avoided by other players (there has be a lot of people for it to affect waiting times), you might want to alter your behavior.


IMO it’s an opportunity to show Blizzard we’re not going to abuse it.

It will force us to recognise the difference between someone who we should block (throwers, trolls) against someone who we want to block (One-Tricks, Poor Hero Choices, people who don’t perform).

Perhaps over time, they may allow us to have more slots for this feature.


Reportable or not, there is currently no way to avoid playing with those people - other than queue dodging, which no one wants to do because that is a serious waste of time.


When competitive ctf was around I was trying to go for top 500 but I play from Australia and my region doesn’t have as many high rated players as other regions. In the last week queues shot up from 20 minutes to upto 90 minutes long! I waited in queue for over an hour a few times and had to stop playing because I didn’t get a pop in time. In my last 3 matches the WHOLE enemy team was on their placements and 3 of their team were the same people every time. With this feature I would be unable to play any CTF games in the last week which would knock me off the leaderboard. So yeah dont call it useless because it’s going to be the difference between getting a game and not getting a game in some areas.


If you want messed up queue times be my guest…

They’re going to add more slots if it’s a problem. But it helps filter out if someone’s just got you tilted or if they’re actually a problem.

I run into two types of bad players: ones that get frustrated for a few min and then ones that are genuinely toxic and make me uncomfortable. Will only block people who throw or make direct attacks towards me.


i got to gold with ease, sometimes i didnt even do too much
you just stop playing after the 2 defeats in a row and wait for tomorrow