Auto Suspension, game found then immediate suspension

Me and my friends were loading into a competitive game and I got suspended. The loading was around 10 seconds and it said failed to connect to server. I now have an hour ban. My internet never went out or dropped in upload or download speed.

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Please understand that sometimes a disconnection will occur between you and the game server. A 1 hour ban suggests you have disconnected or left a game at least once before. To avoid getting larger and larger suspensions, please avoid Competitive Play until you can take time to troubleshoot your issue. Start with this guide:

Please note, all technical issues that causes you to leave a game will be penalized appropriately. Details on this policy can be found here:

This is happening to LOTS of people right now and other threads with this aren’t being addressed. This is a major bug after the last patch. It isn’t on the players side, this is something with Overwatch over the last week.

Please stop bumping multiple threads who original posts are hours apart from each other. Again, if there was a server end related issue I would see a pattern of new threads within minutes of each other. Right now I am only seeing occasional reports which suggest normal problems with individual users trying to connect that DO NOT relate to any specific data center.

There are multiple threads and posts about this all over the place since the last patch. Issues like these should be bumped when they are not taken seriously. Instead of responding rudely to me for trying to help people gain exposure for an issue that is being swept under the rug, you should be responding to the numerous threads about this. This is no longer a game I choose to support and and play if players are treated this way.

AND the posts aren’t minutes within each other because it isn’t every game. It is random games that it happens and people are all in different games. It is spread out because of this.

This just happened to me too for the second time!

I was playing other games just fine and again it is not a connection issue!

Something wrong is going on, and not fun too loose sr due to a bug :confused:

Look it is possible to lose connection to the game, but not your whole internet. This is most likely due to a problem between you and server. A WinMTR can help figure things out where and why connections can happen. Please start a new topic in technical support and post the results of your WinMTR test there where Blzzard or MVPs like myself and provide insight to the problems.