Audio cuts in and out every few seconds

This issue seems to happen once or twice a year for me on PC after a patch. Suddenly audio will start cutting out completely in match for a second at a time every few seconds. It seems to be triggered by certain sound effects (Zarya seems to be a major culprit). Makes it impossible to play the game. Not an issue with any other game or application. Everything is fine with my headphones, audio drivers, etc.

In the past I think I have been able to resolve the issue by completely uninstalling then re-downloading the game. But this is a major hassle.

It seems many other players experience this same problem on PC, but no clear support or resolution has ever been offered on any posts seeking help.

Are devs aware of the extent of this issue?

This can be caused by packet loss, or audio drivers crashing in the background. Follow the steps in the pinned thread and we can troubleshoot from there: