Attempting to create old Flashbang for Cassidy

I"m attempting to create the old flashbang for Cassidy but I’m having troubles. The goal is to make the magnetic grenade stun the target.

I’m having problems with the conditions however to get it to function. I can make primary fire and secondary fire stun easily with the “set status” action. However I can’t seem to manage to make ability 2 “magnetic grenade” cause the stun. The only trigger I can find is “is using ability 2” condition. However this seems incredibly inconsistent so I assume it’s a small window for the condition to activate. Any help would be appreciated.

The event must be Player Dealt Damage and the condition Event Ability == Button(Ability 2). This will activate the actions when the grenade stucks and explodes.


Works like a champ, thanks mate.

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Don’t forget to filter Hero Of(Attacker) == Hero(Cassidy) or will activate to everyone that deals damage with ability 2.