]assive sr gain and massive sr drop

I gained 650 sr points over a few day and went from 2k to 2650k by solo Quing as tank. I kept playing rein and Winston.
Next day I play again and lose 2 games and I think it’s normal since I’m new to the rank but then I go on losing and now I’ve lost 450 SR and am down to 2200. All of this happening in a week’s span. This is really demotivating as a player. I never play more if I get 2 losses and I make sure to keep a good gap.
But I really feel like giving up on this game. I do a 4 man shatter and nobody on my team bothers to follow up and we end up getting 1 kill. I track and block enemy rein shatters but none of it matters cause nobody wants to group up and they wanna do the 1v6.


Welcome to matchmaking you win some you lose some. It’s really not that different from other competitive games.

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Same happened to me a few weeks ago. Gained about 350sr on support (going from low plat to nearly 2900). Won probably 10 games in a row. Then the switch flipped and I got leavers, throwers and some of the worst games ever. I lost over 10 games in a row and lost all that sr.

It’s annoying because my alt account is in diamond/high plat comfortably (EDIT: oh, guess i’m posting on the alt) so I know it’s not because I don’t belong there. I find that my main account (the one I’ve played since beta) has been sinking lower and lower in the ranks but my alt account is fine.

Haven’t played much in about a week or so now since then. Too demoralizing to keep losing my tank/support sr.

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I don’t think so you gain 600 and lose 450 in a week in other games.

Name just 1 other comp game that has this system?

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I ranked up in CS GO and and have stayed there for quite a while…

Everyone of them has a different system for matchmaking, probably the closest is rainbow six where your early matches you gain and lose 90+ elo but the more you play the less you gain and lose.

You can in Rainbow Six Siege

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Welcome to the hamster wheel. Climbing is a pointless grind, it’s like playing pit games in casinos, with the current system and standard variance, you will not climb solo q. Most will disagree, but this game is god awful. Play meta or get rolled.


If you climbed so much fast and dropped it back shortly after you were just probably very lucky in your climbing and didnt belong so high.

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I’ve been to 2400 before atleast 2 times and dropped. It’s not a rare occurrence for me but this time 8 genuinely put alot of effort in my games by tracking ults and landing shatters. Somehow the games finds a way to pull me back down.

Shadow quit with this bs. So many garbage top 500 players from playing op meta that literally no way you can say that with confidence. And the best players play on their alts for practice, destroying many many games. Trickling to become what this game has become since no SR resets.

And that is related how? Alt accounts wont make you drop so much sr, your skill will.

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When you’re against a stack of insane players, many of your losses will be because of that (you could even be the best of the 10 total). Forcing to grind an unnecessary amount of games at 7 SR/hr or w/e the avg is for 50/50, forcing your SR lower than what the game depicted each skill tier to be since people’s alts fill in master and diamond categories>1%. It’s really not that complicated.

If you dont want to play against stacks, just stop joining bigger groups, easy fix. Dude, just stop finding excuses why you cant climb, the sooner you realize it is you, the better.

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I was able to climb to masters after an unnecessary amount of hours, I’m speaking for the players who haven’t wasted hundreds (or thousands) of hours…yet.

edit: you were sayin the same thing when I was gold, I think you should change your viewpoint on the system because it clearly doesn’t place people correctly. I am barely better than I was when in gold (mechanically, even game sense)

Yes if you want to be on top, you have to invest time to be there, thats how it is and how it should be. It depends on what you really want.

It is just like with everything in life man. If you want to be best, it is hard work and a lot of time invested.

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