Asking for Sym 2.0 is selfish

Oh Bless your heart…RALLY was ARMOR (Which you could NOT rebuild unlike Shield gen) And rally got nerfed and slammed so it’s not even Permanent anymore AND gives LESS armor… lmao you poor thing. Plus Sym could CHOOSE between TP and Shield gen depending on the situation (Both were very good)

oh you mean the ones that she had six of which has Slowing plus 180 DPS when all focusing one target WITH slow stack?

Yes she did. And Symm had the Utility of a support. Giving your teams shield is a a good support ability I hate to break it to you.

But don’t worry since the Brig rework Brig is not doing good at all now Literally cancelling your argument


Sym 2.0 was perfect and fun.

if you got close you deserved to get what was coming.
hiding your ult was extremely fun.
blocking shatter and the dva bomb was fun and it did take skill.

just because she didn’t have to aim doesn’t mean she’s no skill.
sym has to think ahead and has to plan, all McCree does is shoot.

skill is much more than just aim.
i’d do so much just to get sym 2.0 back, I wanna have fun again.

now repeat after me.
skill is more than just aim
skill is more than just aim


Say it louder for the people in the back


I have never heard a single moira player say this before in the almost 2 years shes been in the game. also sym 2.0 and moira arent even comparable in the slightest


Was that somehow lost with the current version of Symmetra?

I think the greatest change I had to make with 3.0 was communicating with my team way more (if you’re going to get even an ounce of use out of Teleporter).


The most infuriating part about the Sym3 rework is simply that Sym2 went a full year with no adjustments at all. All the received during this full year was bug fixes, mostly unwilling created in the previous patch (eg, Moira orb damaging her turrets, or her ult breaking for no reason immediately upon placement).

Sym2 was far from perfect, but she had room for adjustments. Every Symmetra players had their own list of desired balances for her (here is mine). But Blizzard just recreated her kit from scratch based upon the same initial concepts instead of making any adjustments to her previous kit.

IMO, this was mostly because her in-game stats showed a strong hero that was queen of winrate since launch, and had the most OP ultimate in the whole game (Shield Generator), yet the community always perceived her as a weak pick. So the devs knew they couldn’t buff her (because stats) neither nerf her (because community), so their only option was a full rework.


then maybe you dont know many moira players, or worse, you just take into account those that never played sym 2.0, because well, moira is pretty much one of the most popular heroes overall

@ xXWolfXx how does it even cancel my argument LOL? you are acting like previous brig didnt exist. if you wanna play old sym go moira, or go brig.
or just… get over it? syms current ult is so much better than shield gen, if you cant get ever any use of it thats you being a bad player and not admitting you suck (like honestly many syms, especially those obsessed with 2.0, do)

but anyway, it doesnt matter, i dont think anything will get the ridiculous idea that 2.0 could be better than 3.0 in any sense out of your head.

i just hope the devs never listen to you, because a revert to 2.0 would be a net nerf and one of the biggest nerfs they could ever do on a hero

that being said please blizz nerf hanzo for once :))


Or in other words you could say:

“Did you just lose 3 members of your team due to your enemies outplaying you with hard work and effort? Well, **** that who likes well - deserved punishment? Let me just press a button and undo all mistakes.”

Mercy 1.0/2.0 was thankfully reworked for being able to pretty much doing the exact same thing, as it was simply terrible for the game’s health.

Why should Symmetra 2.0 get a free pass?

Symmetra could deal up to 120 DPS after a relatively small amount of charge up time on a lock - on weapon, while on the other hand Winston deals low tickle damage with his Tesla canon. That’s the huge difference and how lock - on weapons must be designed in this game.

Even after the tweaks that you mentioned which could have been applied to Symmetra 2.0, she would still be Symmetra 2.0 though. With all her great fundamental design problems, how frustrating she was to fight against for most people and how minimal actual skill it took for a player to receive large amounts of value from her in low/mid ranks.

By reworking her though, almost all of these problems were fixed and now that Symmetra 3.0 is finally balanced and not blatantly underpowered, her objectively much more superior design in all aspects has started to shine.


If symmetra 2.0 would come back I would dodge every single 2CP map. Her shield generators were such a fun killer to play against

Just for Symmetra 2.0 mains, AKA the 4% of the total player base.

Ehh, not so much in low/mid ranks where her pure melting potential was beyond the roof most of the times.

Again, just for Symmetra 2.0 mains.

The only true thing here.

No, but the fact that she didn’t have to aim, had 6 auto - aim turrets, 2 ULTs and one of which was a Teleporter with a huge duration whose primary use was undoing the well - earned mistakes of your team due to your enemies outplaying you with the press of the button did contribute to the her having an immensely low skill floor.

Like every single hero in the game. Not an argument at all.

Respect and understand your frustration, but personal feeling aren’t going to get you anywhere. A huge part of the player base is extremely please with Symmetra 2.0 being gone and objectively Symmetra 3.0 is superior than her predecessor in almost every single aspect design - wise.

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and this is what a lot of Sym players forget and they complain how useless she is… :joy:

Sir… she dealt 120dps at lvl 3. During 2.0 her range was 7m and could extend to around 9m. The difference between Winston and Sym 2.0 is that Winston had both a leap, 300 more health than Sym, and a barrier that could actually block some damage as opposed to only being able to block a key ability. Sym had 200 health with only a barrier that could block an ability, or a couple bullets (in an actual fight). If she wanted to place down a turret she’d move slower while deploying it.

3.0 is way more annoying to play against than 2.0 and 1.0 ever was, IMO.


Right, but it’s that one detail where you won’t really find Symm players saying “Preach” or “Louder for the people in the back”.

Sorry, she got a change and the most effective way you can play her is using your support 101 (calling shots and tracking ults) with the rule of Sombra that information is your key to victory.

Why? Because they want to play the hero they mute the team with and find more effective ways to hold down LMB.

but you played her as a flanker so you just contradicted yourself

Synmetra 2.0 was an excellent counter to flankers, if they hadn’t reworked her, brig would have likely never existed in her release form, but actually been designed as a support, henceforth making the game a better place for all the brig haters out there


I can design better than blizzard. Guess I’m selfish :man_shrugging:

Yeah, my mistake. Apologies about that.

I was really comparing only pure DPS potential of the two heroes, in order to explain why the one is hated and the other is not, because, to be frank, that’s what most players care for.

So, if we take that into consideration the conclusion is that Symmetra 2.0 had a 120 DPS maximum DPS potential on her lock - on beam after a relatively low charge - up time, which could be added to the massive DPS dealt by up to 6 turrets aiming at you.

On the other hand, Winston, again can only deal low amounts of DPS with his lock - on Tesla Cannon (which is how these kinds of weapons should always operate in Overwatch), along with some additional one coming from his leap ability. Yes, he can deal damage to more than one characters at once, but it still remains tickle damage.

The difference in pure DPS potential is great between those two and certainly justifies the difference of players’ reaction concerning them.

Well that’s a very, very unpopular opinion…

Thats a tiny tiny tiny aspect that some people tend to forget.

… amongst other things like 2.0 being only viable in 4 maps? and her skewed win ratio stat, that they misuse over and over and over again that comes from Sym 2.0 switching to another hero when they dont hold first point.

If someone actually thinks, unironically, that Sym 2.0 would do better than 3.0 today, that person is beyond help. Its pointless trying to make a blind see.


You are 100% true and while some great players clearly say that they just personally preferred the old Sym some players are ignorant and blatantly lie about her being better before :roll_eyes: Sym 2.0 was way worse than what she is currently. Sym is currently enjoying peak performance and viability and high tier players are more satisfied with her now than ever so there’s no objective reason to even consider reverting her especially since she was tuned a bit down for having a bit overtuned kit


When Sym 2.0 was around I swear no Sym main ever said she was remotely viable, you can’t start pretending you think she was now that Blizzard actually listened and did something to fix her. And she was DPS, the entire community agreed. Unless you were one of those people who decided you’d swap from Mercy to Sym and get confused when your team got mad because they lost a healer because some drunk guy at Blizzard thought it would be a laugh to put a DPS in the support role and see what happens.