ASIA Girl hanzomain searching for paty ~plat-low diamond

Hey, i am from Japan. Searching with whom to play in asia. I am quite new at the game (started at season 1 and skipped till season 8 now) my rank is plat-low diamond. We can play QP or SR i think (if will feel eachother)
I am seeking for a person with around my skill (prefered higher to learn new stuff), tank or 2nd dps player would be good


If you can use discord i’ll be happy to lend a hand. I’m plat 2-3 currently in Support. I play support only.

Please add me on discord “sawada.” (dot is part of username).

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Add me, I’m a tank main.

Dps main, can also play tank and support,last time i did ranked i was high plat, let me know if youre still looking for people.