As a Bastion Main

We have enoght people that think he is OP… Grantman and I are bastions mains from our giant Bastion thread that floats around for like a month or so. Since 1,5 YEARS he is bad but no sign of blizz to help him and give us a character we can play without being countered my anything besides winston…

If your giving his barrel a french kiss, then yeah, 450 dps. But at even 20m range? instantly cut in half to 225 dps from the spread and drop off.


Revert sentry and it will be fine. So reduced spread and headshots back. That would make him viable. Not good but viable.

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Cause he is OP.

Sarcasm again

I don’t disagree at all that he needs buffs but just want to say you can’t really use this

…as justification for a buff. There will always be a hero with the lowest and second lowest playtime. What might be significant though is the difference between his playtime and the next best hero.

Here a like to our 2. Thread… the first one also had 5k posts… this one has a lot more. Just read the OP please.

I think giving him some team utility would bring his pick rate up. Something like, stand by the Bastion to get extra ammo or give him a health/shield/barrier boost based on the number of allies that are near (similar to Wrecking Ball’s shield boost when surrounded by enemies.)

I personally hate Bastion, but I know some prefer to main him. My question for those folks is, would you trade damage for more mobility or survive-ability? Right now, he’s a glass cannon. His job is to rip through key opponents or shields while he lasts. Giving him more survival while maintaining his current damage output would be like giving a storm arrow ability to Hanzo… wait. lol

Blizzard will probably rework him and remove the sentry turret and make it an ult.

That is why I said at the right circumstances.

That just sounds horrible to me

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It’s still a hitscan…? The pellets travel instantly and hit detection is done as soon as the player clicks, thus it is a hitscan

His DPS needs buffed. He doesn’t need survivability, he didn’t in the first place. The Self-repair buff gave him plenty of survivability. Take away Ironclad, revert the rest of his changes to Sentry mode.

I mean, or they could not ruin the character… That’s always an option.

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The other way around… Reduce his survivability, give his damage back. He used to have good damage in Sentry mode, but they decided that the stationary character who can’t move closer to the enemy team needs more spread than a flanker. They also decided that headshots were too much on Bastion (even with one of the worst spread values in the game), but somehow not on Storm Arrows…

He’s more of a plastic marshmallow gun… He used to be a glass cannon, then they made him a steel reinforced concrete marshmallow gun, and then they nerfed him to a plastic marshmallow gun. We want him to be a glass cannon again. Lots of damage (He’s not even close to the highest DPS in the game, he’s 110 DPS away), but you have to play smart and move when needed.

Well, he rips through shields, not really enemies… His damage against enemies is pretty awful, Soldier usually does far more damage than Bastion. Soldier doesn’t have quite as much sustained damage, but he has better burst damage and damage against armor.

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I am also a Bastion main and I agree that Bastion needs less spread. I also think he needs tank mode buffed, either give him 100 armor (down from 150 like he used to get cuz of ironclad) or just make his ironclad 1.5 to 2 times stronger in tank mode. I remember I was able to counter tracer so hard because I could completely absorb her pulse bomb by popping tank mode and just stay safe while I used self-repair.

Storm Arrow has a 10 second cooldown. Imagine if it took Bastion 10 seconds to reload.

Bastion fires 30 shots per second at a damage of either 7.5/sec or 15/sec depending on distance, and fires 300 rounds before a reload is required. It takes 10 seconds to unload Bastion’s full clip, which would amount to either 750 or 1500 damage (depending on distance dropoff.)

Storm Arrow has 6 shots in a 5 second time frame before requiring a 10 second cooldown. Each storm arrow does 70 damage. That means that in the time that Bastion is doing 750 or 1500 damage, Storm Arrow would do a total of 420 base damage. Obviously, head-shot capability drastically increases that damage exponentially.

I think Bastion is fine where he is damage wise. Poeple who play him just need to know their role and know not to sit in the same place after each wave of attack. The element of surprise goes a long way.

(NOTE: My numbers were taken from overwatch_gamepedia_com so if they are incorrect for the current build, I apologize.)

I don’t really think so, His spread basically negates his total damage output. It makes it feel like long range tracer sometimes

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Well, his damage per clip would be 4500, because it’s 15 damage per bullet, not per second.

However, you’re not taking Bastion’s accuracy into account here, you’re assuming that he hits all of his shots. He has a 3° constant spread (which I believe is the second worst non-shotgun spread in the game, though I could be wrong on that). This reduces his damage DRASTICALLY. Here’s a thread detailing how much damage Bastion really does. I tested this with the falloff changes, so it’s up to date. These can be viewed as a best case scenario against squishy targets, because the tests were done on a training bot that was stationary. Since training bots are much larger than squishies, and players will be moving, it’s safe to assume that he won’t actually be doing this much damage in-game. It can be used as a middle grounds for tanks, as the training bot is larger than some, and smaller than others.


How to fix bastion:

Old sentry

Old tank

New recon

New self repair with IC attached to it.

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This meme needs to stop. I’m bronze, no one in my rank thinks he’s anything but trash. We’re not braindead, we know how to outplay a crummy turret which is why Bastions’ winrate in bronze is a disaster like it is everywhere else.

Bastion sucks in EVERY rank.


Am I the only one who likes ironclad? it sucks that you don’t get extra armor in tank form, but bastion is much more tanky throughout the whole match.