Are lots of people dcing from your game

anyone have issues rn connection 8 different people left at the same time rn it’s a 2v2

Same exact situation just happened for me and my friends…

Please stand by, I am trying to see if there is an issue with Blizzard CS. Avoid competitive play at this time.

There’s definitely a server issue. Just got bounced out to the main menu twice.

And now I can’t even log in…

Yep just got out of a match where it left us 3v3.

Tried to have a torb 1v1 to determine victor but our dps was a coward and never switched.

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Sombra being very pesky right now I see

after i saw some threads on this i logged on and played a quickplay game. no problems here

im from NA chicago tho

ikr lol

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so what ended up happening

Went to overtime and I agreed that since torb didn’t fight that we must loose.

Unless you mean the dc XD. Pretty much one person left followed by two more. Halfway through the match too. Took about a minute for all 6 to DC.

hey, i lost 50 sr when i disconnected from the game, any chance i can get those back

nope they have no way to return sr sadly

Wyoming is an official ‘helper’ but doesn’t work for Blizz. Nor has there been anyone that has ever received compensation from a competitive disconnection in all of the years the game has been in operation.

TLDR: Not getting those back unfortunately.

should have went with the baby dva 1v1

This is not possible. See details here: