Are content creators more important than players?

When the ball gets rolling a little more, I can only assume we will get more communication which will help bridge that ‘Creators knowing everything, players knowing nothing’ gap. Shaping it into ‘Creators get a little heads up, but players can prepare in their own ways too’ would be great.

Appreciate the frequent updates on here either way, and I’m looking forward to seeing how these things develop to foster an even better Overwatch creator + player community!

They’ve spoiled that themselves. The least popular seasonal event missing just a couple skins set off a firestorm of outrage, because this company and this game’s rep is in the trash and players have run out of patience. Whoever is in charge of “major beats and announcements” is doing a bad job.

Like, what do you think is going to happen when your big, mind-blowing OW2 reveal extravaganza happens, and players inevitably notice one or two less-than-ideal features, and that becomes the entire focus everywhere online because no one has any patience left and you’ve burned all your goodwill ages ago?


You guys should hang up a sign – “It has been [one] days since Blizzard made a promise that caused more harm than good.”


I suspect the only reason the call happened because some youtube metric dropped below a critical value

“we need to prevent the free labour who advertise our products switching to a competitor”

“spend $500 on each of them and show them some info, that’ll keep them for another 6 months”


No offense, but kind of a bad take^

Most updates to this game, save for a few very rare exceptions, have been met with derision, toxicity and bad mouthing of the devs. It has more to do with the impatience of the community.


What does this even mean? You know “content creators” is just another term for “annoying guys with webcams,” right? As in, streamers and Youtubers. It doesn’t mean developers, the people that DO make the game.

Literally what I just said, players are impatient. They were not impatient on day one. It wasn’t always the case and it didn’t happen at random.


YouTube metrics and Twitch analytics are only a single data point in how we decide how to support creators.

My first 3 months on the job consisted of dozens of 1:1 calls with content creators from all backgrounds (among other things). During those calls, these creators shared with me what frustrates them, what they need from us, and what could be leading them to moving away from Overwatch content.

Anyone who has been in a management/leadership/vision setting position knows that strategies and their associated tactics take months to formulate, means test, and drive alignment behind. Taking in data from as many different sources as possible is an integral part of that process.


Yeah I saw that other thread yesterday. I couldn’t read it without wincing; that was quite the harsh thrashing being doled out there. I used to think I was the harshest critic around here, but whew. I have now witnessed a lot of players who finally found that straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Not even kidding here, you my have sympathies there. Looking at how you explained things, it feels like a somewhat reasonable choice, even if it did not turn out as expected.

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If you consider creators valued partners, why are certain they allowed to do things that are a detriment to the community without it affecting them at all.

For example, there have been content creators who have done things like create malicious new accounts for the purpose of playing against people below their rank.

Another example is there have been content creators who have went to the forums for their streams and mocked people openly for their opinions, including opening their profiles for the purposes of ridicule. This has even lead to out of game harassment.

Coca-Cola would never do such a thing. And while I would not want to see content creators be purely sanitized corporate shills who’s content is overly controlled, I do think that there should at least be some kind of responsibility to acknowledge the elevated position these people are in and discourage that kind of thing.

I know of at least one coming here and lying that their voice isn’t anymore elevated than anyone else’s as justification for bad behavior. And we aren’t able to discuss them like limited public figures but as regular players despite them functioning as such.


OMG this business jingoism lol… just got out of a meeting like this today with my companies CEO. Let me guess… Blizz wants everyone to read the “12 Week Year”? haha


Pretty much what we’re seeing is the equivalent of that one friend who always says, “I’ll pay you back,” but they never do.

We haven’t really got a reason to even have a semblance of faith in the development team as of recent—some rightfully so. If anything, “jaded” is probably a better word to describe the current state of affairs within the community?


hm… yeah you’re right… I suppose what I was getting at is I’ve never seen an addition to this game that wasn’t harshly bad mouthed, so from where I’m standing, the players have always been impatient.

But I didn’t start playing this game from day 1 (a year after is when I started) so maybe things were different towards the very beginning? I wouldn’t know

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Too bad you all don’t have a lot of these types of conversations with the forum community.

While I appreciate all the recent blue posts, the majority of time if it’s a thread on balancing it’s a community manager making a joke about what was being said then disappearing.


Because this is press release kind of a sitaution, were as their is a flat date they want to announce this stuff, but at the same time they want to give the “press” time to make their videos, articles, etc to tie into the marketing the devs themselves are going to do.

So on announcement day there will be just a load of well-produced content from the third parties.

Yep, in fact I’ve been silenced on here for criticizing a certain streamer for his, let’s say, overly dramatic reaction to the 5v5 announcement. They can call the devs themselves and other players any horrible thing they want on a stream being broadcast to thousands of people, but you aren’t allowed to be critical of that behavior on this forum.


I’m probably among the most venomous critics in this environment but I always try my best to tie those critiques to designers, leadership or whomever at T4 that actually pushes decisions I find asinine.

I’d like to think we can all agree Andy and Jodie are beyond critique here and that they have been given the task to build the bridge over the river Kwai.


I see no reason to not just say “Blizzard” and leave it at that. If McDonald’s screws up my order, I don’t say, “Dave on the fryer screwed up my order.” I say McDonald’s did it. It’s an inhuman corporate entity, it can take the heat.


I really do appreciate you both showing up around here, it always brightens my day to see a bluepost

I gotta ask though…Are we ever going to see Aaron K again? It just feels weird never seeing or hearing about/from him

I get that each director has their own style of working and doing things, but It feels like there’s no captain at the helm


Well… I wholeheartedly agree but I also have certain less-than-friendly takes about a certain lead designer.

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Then in exchange, tell them to keep their knowledge and meeting secret. Don’t tell them to go on twitter and tease us with about new information we have to wait months for. It’s very, very bad taste.

I would rather be fully kept in the dark.

Ignorance is bliss.

Great points here worded better than my own.

Thank you.


People are still complaining that content creators, who help market the IP by virtue of their jobs, are given earlier access to the information needed to do their jobs and help market the IP?

FYI this isn’t a Blizzard thing. It’s an industry thing, and it doesn’t delay your access to the product.