Archives 2020 is cancelled

40 bucks for an expansion large enough to be it’s own game isn’t unheard of.

40 bucks expansion, 60 bucks new game wouldn’t be weird.

$40 is how much destiny expansion cost, more like $70 if you wanted a season pass (at least for forsaken). WOW costs $15 a month, $180 a year. If you expect to pay $60 or less for unlimited content you are out of your mind.

40 bucks is also how much brand new chapters of Elder Scrolls Online costs.

Dont worry, game developers usualy have prices set up before

Welp, i know game that i payed 0 so far for unlimited content, its just added slowly :man_shrugging:

I dont ask for that here, but isnt expansions should cost like dlc, like half price? I was thinking as those as the same thing.

Big gaming world of buying stuff in $ is wierd for me now

(ok im tired to much emotions for this time for me, blizzcon hit me to much in head for a day like this. Just gona rethink if blizzard games are worth buying and move on, sorry for being salty i just got like this today after this streams )

when you did you still used the word “cancelled” which it isn’t. It’s like saying Junkenstein was cancelled or the Summer Games was cancelled.

There are no rules for what companies can charge for new content. Its completely situational. Just because things have been done a certain way, is never a reason to keep doing things that way.

Yeah. But they know them and you don’t was my point.

winter and Halloween are the worst events, and even they are ok.

Anyway, Archives is still happening, just no additional new story, just the existing ones, which is fine. More time to play Retribution!

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honestly i dont agree with halloween purely because the skins tend to be a bit more creative imo however summer games, winter and chinese new year just dont do anything for me personally

I never played Halloween until this year, I don’t care for the holiday that much, and I mostly don’t like the aesthetic of the skins, but this year a friend started playing and she likes halloween, so we played… pretty fun actually. And some cool banter lines.

That’s fine to me. Archives as an event was great the first 2 times but storm rising felt recycled, and if they keep making the same event over and over again it’ll get stale. Since we have a brand new game to do, AKA a blank canvas, this time they’ll get it right. And retribution is still one of my favourite gamemodes to date.

What are the dates for 2020?

Archive Bump 2019. :grin:

… how do ya know… they could be still working on the archives too(i mean like NOT ALL the developers of the overwatch team would be FOCUSING on making OW 2)

plus, contrary to the other games with sequels where the developers just BUILD on the new game(bcs its a “sequal”) from the scratch, OW 2 is just more like a “additional DLC” type of game… so yea :slight_smile: idk could be wrong but;; the title “Archives Cancelled” sounded a bit misleading to me

does that mean they will bring up the previous archives event that was held before?? then why cAnT tHeY jUsT mAkE thE aRcHiVeS bRaWls aS a OrIgiNaL MoDe instead of putting them as A “LiMitED TiMe EveNT” mOde smfh

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The Overwatch Archives event is NOT cancelled, and we will see the event sometime this April and it will have new skins and collectibles. However it has been confirmed in the Overwatch 2: What’s Next panel at BlizzCon that the Overwatch Archives event will not have a new PVE mode. You will still be able to access Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising from the previous years when the event launches however.

I have a sourced catalog of all information related to Overwatch 2 pinned at the top of these forums, please check it out if you would like to learn more.

Cheers (^^)v

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Why do you keep bumping this old thread?

is there any prob w that??

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is not fair , in the last mission on archives final cutcene it was doomfist and a mysterious robot , it show what will be on archives 2020 and you want to delete the missions on archives for ow 2 ? , if you want to work on ow , work after the new mission on archives .