Archives 2020 is cancelled

they’re working on OW 2 still.
on the bright side, role queue will get some new features like stuff to do in queue.
the training room, workshop/custom games, and even a special deathmatch for role queue


Great… more reasons to be salty about all of this.


Good, Queuing as DPS might be a bit more bearable now.


I’m excited, just worried that I won’t have the money to preorder it ;(


Did they say it was cancelled or are you making an assumption from them working on OW2?


Jeff said no new mission

its cancelled in the sense that there wont be a new archives mission. but there will still be cosmetics and the current 3


On stage, Jeff said that there won’t be a new story for Archives this year, because Overwatch 2 “Does much better story telling” or something along those lines. They’ll most likely bring back the previous gamemodes, however.

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Okay good to know, I want to know if they’ll add heroes though

Personally , as much as i like archives…
i like that theyre not forcing the team to be under time crunch constraints, yeah, it sucks we get no archives but they want ow2 to be the go to for more in depth story (all stories will have an opening and closing cinematic too)
So I’m nonplussed about the whole thing myself


archives was one of the few good events…i would say cancel the chinese new year…but yea that isnt going to happen :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, a precedent is being set right now… So?

Nothing yet about heroes to overwatch 1 i think, only overwatch 2 was talk about with that.

Also i dont think there is any more panel to talk about anything that they gona add to overwatch soo… yea they just decide to not add anyone new this time i guess, because you know, they are busy moving to another game i guess.

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I believe they said all the heroes in Overwatch 2 will be playable in Overwatch 1 (As well as the maps)

Perfectly good reason if you ask me. Developing a bunch of new maps, heroes and gamemodes takes a lot of work.


Yea to bad it make base game even more boring. Welp i guess its time to go back to f2p titles, at least those dont change with number later on lately

It’s not cancelled. The event is still happening. We’re still going to be able to play the old missions and we’re still getting new cosmetics. We’re just not getting a new story which is fine by me. The Havana one kinda sucked and I’d rather the team spend more effort on OW2 rather than some watered down OW1 mission.

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How exactly? It’s being added to Overwatch 1 as well (Minus the story content) and there’s literally crossplay.

Crossplay? I dont remember that, or that they add anything to overwatch 1, mayby i didnt heard that part.

Yes, there will be crossplay and the heroes, maps and I’m pretty sure the new push gamemode will be added to Overwatch 1. They said it like ten times.

Overwatch 2 is basically just PvE.


Well they have no idea when it’s going to be released, and Overwatch 1 was released 2 years after their announcement so you probably have a lot of time to save up.