Arcade during Queue Time

My dudes. Let me play some non-comp arcade games during queue, these all have auto-fill features for leavers anyways. Game browser gets old very fast. Arcade actually is structured and feels more like a game.


Leavers still impact games, actual arcade players would hate it so much.


What about arcade games for people with an average of like 8+ minutes queue time?

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Like the current offerings, it wouldn’t be the same games, just the same game types. Someone who queued for Mystery Heroes to get his 9 weekly wins wouldn’t be in games with people doing “while you wait” Mystery Heroes. So it would be less competitive like the “while you wait” Deathmatch, but would give more variety for people like the healers in 6-stacks who tend to have emote-fests and skew the score. The big issue I can see though is with those large stacks. Does the game end when their real game is found, or does it go on waiting for another 6-stack or 6 individuals to backfill? They’d certainly have to balance things and probably only offer 1-2 game types at a time so backfills could be near instantaneous.

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I think this is an excellent idea.

Let me play Quic Play Classic while I wait.