"Applying Update..." now im banned

Hey, i was ingame in search for game, while joining a game, the “applying updates…” Window opened and now im banned for 8h.
Please undo the ban… thanks :wink:


Same… This is ridiculous. Undo my ban and take that loss away.

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Seems to look like the devs know about this problem.
Totally bull-s*** that the support can not undo penalties… should be possible!

Just ridicules… I just got the 1h Queue-Ban. For that bs

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Same, tried to play yesterday, got banned for a hour, tried again to play today first game on”applying updates” banned for 8 hours

I had this happen on both my first games yesterday and today and i get suspended for 15 minutes because of this. im sure a ban is to follow soon as well. why does it lag out an applying update? everyone keeps having people l;eave games because of this.

its been added to the stick post ‘known issues’ finally, heres the info

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This has happened to me twice in the last couple days. A complete joke.