Appeal for comp bans

So in the past few days i have been playing a lot of Overwatch comp and in this time i have been disconnected from the server multiple times. This end up give me a comp ban of 5 min, then 20 mins, then 2 hours, Now i just got disconnected again and have a 20 hour comp ban and can do nothing about it. i tired talking to a live text already and they said all comp bans are dealt with by a computer, no human can revoke bans. So basically i have to wait 20 hours to play another game of comp and hope i don’t ever get disconnected again or i get a season ban which is not my fault at all it is the servers. so this is why i feel like overwatch should add in a way to get comp ban revoked.

The servers have been up and running the last several days. It’s a middleman connection, known as a peering partner, between your ISP and Blizzard that has been experiencing issues due to DDoS attacks. Blizzard is not in control of that part of your connection to them. Either way, Blizzard has already decided they will not restore SR for any reason, no matter who is at fault. More info here: