Apex Legends Ping system in Overwatch

For those who haven’t played Apex Legends yet, they have a ping system where you look at something and hold the wheel button of your mouse and you see this:

All of these means

  • Go
  • Enemy
  • Looting This Area
  • Attacking Here
  • Going Here
  • Defending This Area
  • Watching Here
  • Someone’s Been Here

After you stop holding the wheel button on the ping you want that area will show up that ping and your hero (legend in Apex) will talk as well. You can then remove the ping by looking at it and pressing the wheel button and the hero will say “nevermind” or something similar.

I think this would be an amazing feature in Overwatch. What do you think?


Overwatch is too fast paced of a game for something like that. You can die in a second if you aren’t on top of things and I could see people dying from pinging instead of playing their hero. Pings could get chaotic with everyone pinging different enemies. Overwatch has excellent voice chat and that’s all we need.


what the poster above me said. Wouldn’t work in overwatch at all, actually it would be worthless to waste money on something like that.


Nah it should be a TANK with a ping system imo. Like his background could be a Tactical leader for OW or Talon.

He can be like, Enemy Bastion over there. Enemy Sniper there. A cloaked enemy is over there. I think this makes him/her unique and we need more tanks that won’t overlap. All of of the time you can call out where a character is but it’s still confusing as to where. A like tank, scope or something when marking an area will get people to focus an area better.

Otherwise a general ping system wouldn’t work without overhauling controls esp for console.


sounds like nobody would use it lol we have mics for a reason


Pings are better than mics… it puts a location directly on the UI.


I just want a Help Me! Voice line for Mercy instead of heal me…


I disagree with the posters above who say it wouldn’t be useful. Granted it also can’t work the same way it does in Apex. There are certainly some issues that would need to be overcome, such as reducing the ability to spam them and thus distract people. But there are tons of opportunities where the overhead of using the mic and communicating intentions and directions in the required amount of time is also not valuable.


Ye, I don’t use mic so this also would help me a lot xD

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Overwatch have better system. UX of Apex ping system is very bad.
Many things implemented without brain. Only one thing I can say good about ping system in Apex that this system exist in this game in some form.

Overwatch is voice chat based, fast pased, and there is no loot. There’s not a reason to add this other than maybe ping health packs to your lowest player.

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I would love to have a “need help/backup” ping (or something similar) especially while playing support character.
So instead of the automated “im getting attacked help me” etc after losing 1 hp, i could choose when my hero says it and a ping in team chat.

Inb4 unbearable spam :stuck_out_tongue:

(It would be really useful with more pings on console, since people rarily join voice chat and no text over there)


i mean portal already had that

Not to mention overwatch battle area is tiny…you can pretty much see everything that’s goinon anyway…and even if you can’t all you have to do is call out a direction and you can spot what people are pinging anyway by simply turning camera

It’s nice but wouldn’t add much really to this game

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It’s a good system, don’t want it in OW because people that can’t have fun playing the game will use it to troll/annoy their team. Troll proofing the mechanic (pings only appear on screen if someone is really there) would take a lot of effort and potentially ruin an aspect of the game if everyone just spams F until you have red dots telling you exactly where everyone is.


Respectfully disagree. I originally thought that too, that people are too quick to just borrow a feature from a game with a good non-verbal comms and apply it to Overwatch. But then I realized that a system like this could just be modified to suit Overwatch’s faster pace and close-quartered environments.

For example, the ping system could be an excellent tool to plan out paths to take at the start of a 2cp. Blizzard can take the pathing tool in Starcraft 2, where you get to see lines to wherever you click on. Of course it would be difficult to create paths through obstacles but there might be a tech workaround for that, and if not then using voice chat in conjunction with the pathing which IS feasible could work too.

I wouldn’t use the Overwatch version of pinging to track down where Tracer is at in any given moment apart from where I think she will recall to or the direction in which she is disengaging from the fight so that there MIGHT be a chance that my team will followup with securing the kill.

Understandably, the ping system can be abused just like with voice chat or hero voice lines, so there could be a mute option for teammates who don’t use it seriously. It should also go without saying that teams who have a designated shotcaller (or pinger in this case) will benefit the most from this sytem.

Anyway, I think that there is a LOT that you could do to make a ping system work with Overwatch…possibly even coupled with a minimap to address pinging behind obstacles or inside of specific buildings, but that’s a longshot I know. Just in general hopefully you guys can see how much potential there is for something like this to work in our game.


I think they could start with the existing wheel and give a couple more commands and build upon that with the hotkeys. Switch out Hello and make that a single key command instead maybe…sigh.I Just really hope they give more options to make it easier for your team to know what you plan on doing when you dont want or cant speak in voice or type ;_;


This is near the top of the list for things that I dislike currently about the game. If everyone is communicative, your team is much more likely to secure a win. You are all onboard, whether it is to all take the same route or to having a group understanding on when to disengage a lost fight. I don’t think Blizzard really accounted for how important callouts for even the little details matter.


Apex is very voice too

This game is too crowded and too fast to have time for that kinda stuff. If you not paying attention an arrow hittin the air near you could mean insta death.