"AoE rez was removed because it was disheartening"

Funny, when I randomly pressed Q with Mercy nothing would happen at all.

Imagine that.


From the start mercy was extreamly fun. You got a second chance to screw up again. Mercy held your hand while you tried to shot without think about taking cover or use healthpacks because you did not want to slow down her ult charge.
After several days when players started to learn more and more about the radious about ults people started to cheese them. The ungreatful dps who got extream salty for not prio them with heals behind enemy lines started to tilt. So mercy moved on with her new skills because you all took her for granted to save your sorry life for your bad calls.
But I miss the 5 man ress she used to be the best necromancer in the game

This have nothing to do with Mercy forcing a gameplay like this because basically this is required on every single game until now.

Then again we have the same discussion about how "Unfair is for Genji to kill people with his ult " as an excuse to press Q and resurrect an entire team behind a wall/corner with the most easiest character in the game.

Sadly Genji ultimate is mediocre you can just shoot/cc/throw another and kill him before he unleashes his sword he annouces to the four winds that he is going to jump over you 1-2 seconds after giving you enough reaction time.

Mercy mas ress "Heroes never die "announcement was throw when everyone already was revived.

In fact Mercy old ult was ruining the game after a couple of months of people abusing hide-res strats on a lot of maps , specially on 2 CP or last point on defense. In competitive matches lasts for more than 15-20 minutes because Mercy on both side resurrecting their teammates every 30-40 seconds .


Honestly, it should have never gotten any form of damage resistance.

Mass Rez was buffed a total of 5 times with the final buff being invulnerability.

The devs reasoned that Mercy would have to sacrifice herself to use it and made it so she could stay with her team.

Thats the problem, the enabled hide and rez by allowing no risk to Mercy to use it.

They should have kept it the way it was before so you couldnt really do that. If you tried to swoop in, youd get melted. If you tempo rezzed one or two people, youd be fine.

Besides, unless you are really bad, there isnt really times when all 5 members of the team die with Mercy being left alive without having atleast a few respawn. People die in different spots, at different times.

Anyway, my point is, they should have just kept it w/o invulnerability and added a slight LoS check. In slight I mean in the way that you could go behind cover and use it as long as you had vision prior and it wasnt more than a second since you had LoS, similar to Mercy’s beam, where it stays attached for a second after breaking LoS or going out of range.

With current Rez, you can do this as well and the only viable way to use it is by hiding or getting cover. Using it out in the open is suicide since you literally stun yourself for 1.75 seconds.


Yes. That’s kind of the point of a Mass Resurrection. It reverses kills regardless of how it was achieved.

I assume you’d be better served by Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State, then? It adds a burst heal to Rez and removes the requirement of a dead team mate, among other changes. Just click on “Solution”, if you’re short on time, as the OP is huge.

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Why not both? I’m a Mercy main, and while I don’t like her current state, I don’t expect it coming back nor do I actually want it back. At the same time, I’d rather not let this “propaganda” that Mass Rez was such an OP thing and completely unbalanceable when it wasn’t ever like that. It just had a problematic gameplay due to the introduction of Invulnerability

It never practiced target priority, it only forced the entire team to gang up on the one Mercy or risk the effort of a successful push being completely negated. There was no counterplay, nothing you can do bar killing the Mercy by any means possible, to stop it.


The arguments for/against this were debated extensively a year ago, and I won’t rehash them here.

But the point about “not fun to play against because it undoes other people’s carefully played abilities” is newly relevant because of all the CC these days. If Mercy’s AOE rez was taken away because unfun, then CC should be toned down too.

The difference between those and mass rez is that Dragonblade takes hours to practice to get any real value out of it, and using it automatically makes you a priority target to every kind of CC under the sun, and EMP takes ridiculous amounts of communication to pull off. Mass rez is a press Q and instant value ult. That’s it. It took a player one game with Mercy to figure it out.


The best evidence of the opposite is the fact that it was removed from the game entirely. Nothing tops that.


Not really. The burst healing for teammates is neat, but at the end of the day, it is still a multi-man Rez, an ability to support a team when one or more of their members have died. Like I said, as Mercy, I want to help my team win on their first try in a push, instead of giving them second chances.

But you get a nice, 150 HP heal for everyone, so you can keep fighting.

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I doubt anyone would be happy, if mass resurrect was active ult instead, giving teammates resurrects for limited time.

Unless you resurrect 5 players, you do just that - you reinforce your team to continue fighting.

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Behind a wall

Wait for your last teammates to die.

“Die on point, I have rez”


Current mercy is such a bad character anything is better than that.

However, mass ress would not have had to be removed, if people were discouraged from hiding and ressing in the first place and coming back from spawn for a ress.

  • Mass resurrection max resurrect count changed to 3
  • Closest souls to mercy get resurrected
  • Ultimate charge requirement reduced from 1900 back to 1650
  • Instead of invulnerability, mercy gets 50% damage reduction
  • Healing beam heals per second raised from 50 to 55 (minimum, 60hps preferable)
  • Mercy gets new E ability to replace resurrection (chain beams, mini-valk, anything new like damage reduction for her allies)

Making mercy’s resurrection max targets go from 5 to 3 discourages mercy to use ress as a tool to come back from a lost teamfight from spawn, as ressing 3 targets on point does little more than stall it. It also discourages mercy hiding and waiting for her whole team to die to resurrect them as again, ressing 3 targets on point still leaves you with severe man disadvantage. Thus removing the “disheartening and unfun” factors of mass resurrection. Lowering ultimate charge rate but with 55hps beam still takes longer to charge than her old resurrection, alongside being weaker.

Resurrect count being 3 encourages Mercy to use resurrection as a tool of engagement and counterpush to tempo ress her teammates, rather than waiting for them all to perish and telling them to “die on point”. It also allows it to bait out ultimates and smarter use of her resurrection as a tool of ultimate management, yet not making her team survive teamwipes. Ultimate spamming has become notorious and needs it’s counter back. Mercy herself also has to fly towards the souls she wants to resurrect and does not always have the benefit of choosing to resurrecting exactly who she wants.

Proactive resurrection has plenty room for counterplay, especially with the introduction of more area of denial ultimates to counter hers, like minefield and torb’s new ulti, alongside the old area of denial ultimates like dva bomb, high noon that locks onto ressing targets and so on. Make no mistake, even old resurrection had quite a big list of ultimate counters to it and it is fair that Mass ress as an ultimate can deny other ultimates, as well as other ultimates deny the resurrected targets from doing anything.

Smart mercy can make use of tempo ress a lot and could become engaging, fun, impactful and balanced healer with a new E ability that enhanced her during engagement prowess. Also no, ducking behind cover to avoid a graviton surge and ressing teammates is not “hide and ress” cheese tactics, it’s smart use of cover and ultimate. Resurrection being capped at 3 targets also doesn’t pressurise the mercy to wait for her whole team to die, rather than looking for smart situations to use her ultimate. New mercy can also highly benefit from her Guardian Angel mechanics to survive better before and after resurrecting.

“Heroes never die” is her famous motto and it should be tied to her resurrection, not the pitiful ultimate they call Valkyrie that was scrapped in alpha phase.


Mercy isn’t getting reverted ,get over it.

They said they won’t revert it (yes I know ,jeff does go back on his words but that’s not my only point) ,and they’ve NEVER done a revert on this scale ,they VERY, VERY rarely revert buffs and nerfs (and no, reverting mercy to 50 HPs wasn’t a revert, it’s in a completely different kit and saying that it counts is just grasping at straws) ,and they sure as hell won’t start with something as controversial as mercy.


They can say whatever, but they got no choice, if they even want to make Mercy viable.



“They got no choice”

They can do whatever they want with the game they made.

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