Anyone know if there is a workshop code for OG OW

Like 6v6 with every character having their original abilities and such? I just wanted to see if it would even be possible to create if there wasnt. I dont even know how to add back in torbs armor pickups or syms shields so I just had to ask first. I found this code KHTG0 but its not exact which means we probably cant get that close to the original play style for every character

i’ve never tried the Overwatch 1 Emulator you mentioned, but from what i’ve heard it is the best out there, so if thats not enough then its just not possible due to workshop limitations.

Well there was a game mode for the anniversary that i thought was like that it made DF dps again if im not mistaken

idk, but i cant remember it and i cant find it online. also the last anniversary was last year and was the One Punch Man crossover but no special event. (based off the offical patch notes)

so you might be thinking of a non-anniversary event if it did happen.

also if its doomfist you had an issue with ngl he doesn’t seem that hard to recreate in the workshop, even the uppercut sounds effects can still be used in game, so im not sure why something would be wrong with the Overwatch 1 Emulator Doomfist.

I just dont know how you would add in though the other stuff like Syms shield or Torbs armor packs

i mean i’ve tried in the past with complex systems but i only gave up (after getting very far) because i was too ambitious with how i wanted it.

its definitely doable with limits.

EDIT: to be clear i was talking about Sym shield & torb Armor packs (more so Armor packs), not recreating the whole OW1. (i’ve never tried doing that)

I guess im gonna try to research it I guess and see if I can create it myself since it doesnt seem likes its already been done persay. I just first need to find a list of stuff that was removed or replaced so I can figure out how to start working on it