Anyone had a report notification

I’ve reported all manner of things, racism, boosting, throwers
and i haven’t had a single notice saying “Thanks for reporting”

has anyone else?


Do people actually get off on reporting people. Wow…

I hope your account gets banned. Consider yourself reported.


I had just yesterday

I’ve reported a few, ranging from people being toxic to a few aimbots.

Haven’t received any messages. I used to specifically regarding people who were overly toxic, but not anymore. I still report people if they’re being awful in chat.

So who knows why not. But I highly suggest not stressing over it.

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Cheaters are usually banned en masse, so those sometimes take a few weeks to see results.

Overt toxicity, on the other hand, is harder to pin down in my experience. Whenever I’ve run into the obvious, egregious cases like people going straight for racial slurs, I’ve always seen the notification within a few days. When I’ve reported what I’d call more “general” toxicity (constant flaming, berating, harassing, etc), it’s hit or miss.

I imagine this is due to the fact that most people aren’t actually toxic in all of their games, so they might not be reported enough to reach whatever threshold the system has in place.

But yeah, I’ve had a pretty good record in terms of the report to notification ratio, so I have faith that it works more often than not.

I’ve reported people and had messages saying the reported player was banned

Wait, how? Doesn’t their privacy policy forbid them from disclosing anything regarding a person’s account (including disciplinary action) to anyone that is not the registered account holder?

Or am I missing something?

They didn’t say who it was

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Oh. i thought you were getting notifications saying “This specific player has been banned, thank you for your report”. Never mind, forget I said anything.

Off to get more coffee…

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Blizzard is very scared of giving people’s names out, despite you reported them to get that player out

they’re weird

I mainly keep to arcade so reporting for toxicity is something I only have to do in extreme cases (and I don’t think i’ve even reported anyone for that in the last year). However, from time to time I report someone that I suspect of cheating . So far I’ve only had one notification, but that was probably the most blatant aimbotter I’ve seen in all my time playing.

There are times where you can kinda infer who it was, though.

Like I don’t report too often, but when I ran into someone spewing racial slurs in voice and text chat, and got a notification two days later without having reported anyone else in weeks… I think it’s safe to assume he was banned, lol. Always feels good seeing that pop up.

I have. It’s not that common, though. I’ve been playing since season 2 and only had it happen once or twice. It was a very blatant example of abuse at the time, and it was in the chat log.

Exactly once have i seen that action was taken

Sad but true

Yep, same here. I’ve never gotten a single thanks for reporting message my entire time playing this game which i find very annoying and it shows that the system is completely broken. Because there have so many people ive reported who 100% without question deserve punishment

Obvious stuff like going afk for a long time or jumping off the map repeatedly, and they all got away with it. I only report in ranked btw not quick play or arcade. So these are games that matter and they’re not getting punished it really makes me mad how bad their system is

Yeah I get them all the time. Every two or three days I get notifications for my reports.

Nah… I mean, i had an aimbotting Bastion in Total Mayhem (but why? Its… its arcade? What he doin?) just this morning but i dont think im gonna get a confirmation for reporting… I think they dont care as much lately as they did back in the day, probably alot of false reports or something, idk

I just got one today

I’ve had multiple messages of thanks for reporting, but none recently

Im pretty sure theyre more wondering if the reporting feature is working since they havent being seeing the thank you message for when action has been taking against them

Last august i got 3 “thanks for reporting” messages one after another.
That was ages ago