Anyone Else Notice the "Aim Assist Ease In" on Console?

I definitely feel like I’m cheating with it.

This is a new feature in Overwatch Console versions. Details are here:

Myst, this is why we’re best friends.

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I didn’t see this yet

Cheating with it high or low? Or is it an on/off option? I have yet to play myself, so I never got to check it out.

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It depends but you can turn it off.

Indeed I have. I went into my settings after a few matches, as something felt off. Then noticed the new options, and what do you know, every single hero was on default settings for aim assist!

Now, I’m all for new options or adjustments to improve the game for others who’d use the settings; but please find a way to make it an opt-in, and not opt-out. I had specific settings made for each and every hero, which I’d made a long time ago and forgot about. Now, I have to redo all of it and find exactly what that sweet spot - or lack of, on Widow and some others - which is near impossible thanks to bad memory.

Great setting, of course, but I’m not particularly happy that it overwritten all of my settings. Please don’t do this.