Another Genji Nerf Post

Yeah another one, until someone notices other people except crying bad supports.

These people saying “OH MAN HE IS OP” are dead silent about Brig because they can easily abuse Brig. No difference between bronze or GM for it.

But when it comes to Genji, they can just cry. Because they are outplayed in a melee distance. They cannot stomach it or mirror play like Brig.

Even Top 500 people get rekt easily now while people still say “But he is buffed dude”.

Just check his winrate before buffs, after buffs and nerfs. Nothing close to Brig.

They basically made heroes you can even play with your feet OP. Genji gets rekt by every one of them now.

I guess people wanna see more double shield, sigma-orisa-moira-brig and 2 sniper games.

I’m just a Brig abuser for experimental purposes on a smurf acc, I made it to low masters without and trouble.

Is this it then? You just play what community or blizz wants, then you win matches against good and skilled people? Well that sucks and no point of competitiveness then.

I’m just sick of low tier supports crying how op he is. No one with a good head on their shoulder would do that.

A little PS: These people cried for hero bans before too. After its launch, they started to cry about support bans lol. So much like they cried for role queue and then queue times. They don’t know what they want, they can’t see the game thoroughly. Their opinions don’t matter to sensible people but since they are a big crowd, devs listen them.


Yeah, just put him to post-buffs.

He was a middle pick and noone complained then.

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You are not helping to the genji player generalization.

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