Another Creator Experimental card is coming!

If you notice the heroes that JAKE is responsible for (flex/projectile DPS), it does not include Symmetra. At the same time, mL7 posts a tweet saying “7->8.” If I had to take a guess, JAKE isn’t responsible for Symmetra because…mL7 is. 7 → 8 probably refers to the number of supports that he is responsible for. I’m taking a huge puff of HOPIUM, but I think that in this creator patch, Sym is a support…


Now that’s interesting

Who’s doing the tank changes…

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More cowboy buffs with another 25+!

Since a main tank was responsible for the previous patch, I’m guessing that an off tank is going to be responsible for this one. My gut feeling is that emongg is going to work on the tanks this time around.

Critique is great, however I personally believe the last ExCard was pretty successful, by multiple measurements.

  • It had a very high adoption rate (meaning lots of players checked it out)
  • It had a very high hours played (in comparison to other cards)
  • Content Creators were generally positive about it
  • Broadly, players were excited about it

I know that it’s easy to be cynical and only focus on the negatives, however you have to take in the good with the bad. Otherwise you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Is it possible for you to give us a comparison between the last ExCard and the April fool’s patch of last year? It’s interesting to see if they share similar numbers.

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Just 1 more question…

Can you give us any any any… juicy hints of to what the tank changes are going to be?

Are they crazier?

Im desperate :sweat_smile:


ML7 hates Moira and thinks Bap’s utility is fine (not villainizing, just disagreeing). So can’t say I’m looking forward any Moira changes if she even gets anything meaningful.

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Thats the problem with these CC patches, people are biased, especially when doing balance is not their job.

Also, since some of the previous CC patches made it live… i can see some of these CCs do crazy buff to their characters hoping those make it in.

when does it coming ??

Oi, boatman, where’s the stream

100% agree. Yes, it wasn’t very balanced, but it was:

  1. fun (for most characters),
  2. had lots of creative ideas, and
  3. was something new and interesting.

The creator cards are a great idea, especially since it appears they’re iterating on the idea. It sounds like work has been divided up a bit better, and there may be a unified approach.

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I feel like the experimental card is a trap, and they’ll randomly throw in 1-2 changes from it that really, really suck for the game.

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By relevant you mean worse?

Without content creators, this game would
remain the same.

The Sym changes:

Decreased tp cooldown by one second.
Decreased turret cooldown by two seconds.

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Jake basically plays all heroes well and he also excels at providing coaching/breakdowns - enough that the Houston Outlaws brought him on as a player/coach. His “Coach Jake” series is really good at explaining the successful decision making of top players; my Winston game got so much better after watching the video below:


Disagree. It was fun for a handful. Which is was the biggest problem. It was here make a couple heroes completely OP and the rest meh. There were even a few nerfs in there as well. This is the single biggest thing I am hoping they correct.

I wouldn’t us the word “lots” in this case. A few sure. But most of the changes were pretty meh.

This I agree.

One can hope. I do have hope for what the cards can bring. I chock the first up to being an early draft of the idea. And I really hope future ones will be better.

The biggest fear I have is that the card will end up just another delay to actual balance changes to the game, which it really needs right now. In theory they should be able to do both. But, we have been waiting so long that it makes me worry they are spending so much time on this kind of stuff they are just ignoring the general game.

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I am so sorry, I can not take anything created by content creators seriously after the first one. The dude clearly loved Reinhardt to much and what good will the experimental even do? None of it will ever make it into the game unless the balance team is so far broken that they bneed the community’s help in balance and if that was the case just admit it…These aren’t fun and actually waist minor resources that would be put into actually improving the game we all love still.

Seems more like starving the community for content and giving the bare minimum when people are desperate for any change no matter how bad it is.


Grateful for the kindness and yes, we are iterating with a goal of improvement and optimization each go-round. Ultimately, we’d love for these collaborations with content creators to be both fun and sustainable, so we’re keeping an open mind as to how we can level up both the ExC and it’s related Creator Cup