Another Creator Experimental card is coming!

The biggest problem that has been the case with every one of these so far (and this one looks to be no different thus far), is that you guys are picking creators that have no problems showing their biases, and will willingly dumpster or ignore heroes entirely. It’s really obvious when some heroes get meme changes or nerfs, and their favored heroes get serious balance changes or straight buffs. And even with all of that, it wouldn’t be as bad if it was completely isolated to just the exp card – but so far a little bit of it leaks to live every time. The last set of changes that just went live are evidence of that, and most of those changes were untested head scratchers.

The “community creators” are every bit as biased and s*** at game design as the rest of the unwashed masses, but just happen to be popular enough that y’all just said “f*** it” and let them make a silly patch. Again, it’s a whatever thing if it just stayed in its own side card/mode, but it doesn’t.

As others have already noted, if we weren’t in the middle of an extreme content and balance drought, these changes wouldn’t be nearly as popular as your numbers might suggest they are.


I appreciate the discussion and the patient explanation here, truly. You are good at this lol.


minor request for these cards; could this and future cards be archived so past creator ExP cards can be still playable in the future via workshop? sometimes new features are added that cant be replicated to the same degree or quality using workshop, it would be nice to have them available.


Andy literally addressed this in the second dot point :neutral_face:

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Being aware of something and actually addressing it are two very different things. :confused:


I hope thats the true representation of T4 and not the corporate side talking, I look forward what you guys have to present, I hope the wait will be worth it.

Exactly! Picking from a focus group (such as content creators) makes much more sense than using the “regular” community (that’s us), because that’s literally millions of DIFFERENT opinions that they’d have to sift through. Everyone (figuratively speaking) thinks their opinion is what everyone else around them believes, which statistically speaking just is not plausible!

Also, unfortunately people have a “me me” mentality where they think they should get dibs on making balance changes simply because it would make them happy. Well to those people, sorry but what makes you happy for Overwatch balance is going to upset a lot of other players. Blizzard needs to pick a group of people who are understanding enough of the game to for the most part be on the same page (within a reasonable degree), and that group of people is not the general fanbase at large.

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This is very good to know. Thx for shedding a bit of light here.

A nsfw but fun change!


Don’t you do this to me, I’m palpitating right now,I i just woke up man!

On the other side

My first ever blue reply! Yaaay!

Damage boost nerfed. Pistol damage and magazine capacity doubled.

Woo a hint.

I want to throw this out. It is not just updates to the game (which are needed). It is communication of goals and priorities that we need to hear as well. For example:

Currently and for some time there are certain heroes that have been dominating the game. Is that a priority to fix? Maybe. It doesn’t feel like it (especially when they buffed two of them). Communicating to us that they are recognized as a problem and balance adjustments are planned would go a long way. It would not solve the problem, but it would help.

Knowing the priorities and what they are working on, even if not having any specifics would help feel less like the cards are just seen as way to just buy time while they work on ‘more important’ things than balance. Admittedly it is probably mostly a feeling. But it is hard to avoid that thought in the back of your head as long as there is a lack of information.


Hey just want to say thanks for being forthright but respectful (prime example being the post I’m replying to). I appreciate that you don’t skirt around with the language you use to come off as overly positive. I don’t get the feeling that you are being pressed under the thumb of a higher PR management entity.

And thanks for the insight into the EXC concept as it applies to us today, being that it’s quite a different animal than when it first came out.

For god sakes, dont put another dumb nerf for brig ~_~


Why do they always give Junkrat stupid changes?

Also Echo buffs… I’m going to assume Jake likes playing Echo.

The Mei wall changes will make for some good trolling. Have fun with those.


Even by CC standards what you are left with are people whose lively hood is dependent on overwatch.

These are CCs that can’t play any other game to get views.
Like you can cater to all these flats,burritos,samosa,sajus,dlc7 and even with their peak most of them wont actually go past 1k-10k views.

Now instead of pandering to them if you actually make proper update that gets back mainstream content creators that actually have pull like xqc tim etc who by themselves easily get 100k views everystream, this is how you raise your viewcount and mau.
This is how you will convince the headhonchos at bliz.

When you can get more mainstream CCs excited like xqc Tim etc not even fps ccs like shroud disrespect but players that were into overwatch then you can thump your chest and beat drums.

Right now all your catering to are hungry starved ccs.

All the metrics you listed are due to the fact this was a update after 6 months and not the quality of it which was really bad.

Not to mention you have ruined ball based on those db updates.

Honestly there is no getting through to Devs when you are going to communicate this was a good update.

This used to be a game played by elon musk and keannu reaves, you cant buy that kind of publicity, you only get that by making proper updates and balance not cater to lowest leftover CCs and pat urself in the back.

Speaking of that, how’s that development coming along where you’re cutting a tank off of each team rather than reigning in overtuned DPS so tanking isn’t a miserable experience?


(doubting ur gonna respond, but will still attempt though anyways) I’m glad that u and Jodie r speaking to the community more. Very thankful for the communication, honestly. I’m sure everyone is. It’s better than just guessing and theorizing and sitting in the dark, u know? But I’m just curious on 2 thing. 1, whatever happens to Sym, if the changes r positive enough, could they have the possibilities of being kept in the game? Then is Bastion by any chance gonna b tinkered with in the EXP Card? Just curious, even if Ik they might not b answered.

NERF ROADHOG ALREADY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He’s gone on long enough as a babymode hero that takes no skill.


Jesus, AndyB… is this your most replied thread? LMAO

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