Another Creator Experimental card is coming!

Jake basically plays all heroes well and he also excels at providing coaching/breakdowns - enough that the Houston Outlaws brought him on as a player/coach. His “Coach Jake” series is really good at explaining the successful decision making of top players; my Winston game got so much better after watching the video below:


Disagree. It was fun for a handful. Which is was the biggest problem. It was here make a couple heroes completely OP and the rest meh. There were even a few nerfs in there as well. This is the single biggest thing I am hoping they correct.

I wouldn’t us the word “lots” in this case. A few sure. But most of the changes were pretty meh.

This I agree.

One can hope. I do have hope for what the cards can bring. I chock the first up to being an early draft of the idea. And I really hope future ones will be better.

The biggest fear I have is that the card will end up just another delay to actual balance changes to the game, which it really needs right now. In theory they should be able to do both. But, we have been waiting so long that it makes me worry they are spending so much time on this kind of stuff they are just ignoring the general game.

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I am so sorry, I can not take anything created by content creators seriously after the first one. The dude clearly loved Reinhardt to much and what good will the experimental even do? None of it will ever make it into the game unless the balance team is so far broken that they bneed the community’s help in balance and if that was the case just admit it…These aren’t fun and actually waist minor resources that would be put into actually improving the game we all love still.

Seems more like starving the community for content and giving the bare minimum when people are desperate for any change no matter how bad it is.


Grateful for the kindness and yes, we are iterating with a goal of improvement and optimization each go-round. Ultimately, we’d love for these collaborations with content creators to be both fun and sustainable, so we’re keeping an open mind as to how we can level up both the ExC and it’s related Creator Cup


Friend, I am a Community Manager, not a designer.

This is a small way that the community team can drive towards a creative solution for keeping the game fresh (through the ExCard), all while not having an adverse affect on T4’s other development priorities. The halo effect of content creators feeling excited, higher engagement with the feature in game, and increased CCV category wide on Twitch during the tournament, are all welcome additional benefits.


Ever going to acknowledge the bad? Doesn’t seem like it.

What’s the metric here? Out of the 60 million OW players who have bought the game, how many people did you see expressing excitement?

No, you mean the content creators who are still left playing OW in 2022 were excited. That is, people with a combined viewer count lower than past OW streamers who have left for other games. I doubt guys like xQc (not a fan, BTW) or Seagull were “excited” by this patch. Not sure why some 200 viewer, regular guy with a webcam matters more than me or any other player. And I doubt anyone playing OW in 2022 is going to be less than thrilled with any content after starving so long. Only addicts left at this point.


I know. I am just stating what the situation is and that high numbers may be just half of the story.


I have confidence in jake unless he trolls us.

I wonder if the popular changes in this creator card will also trickle into the main game like the latest patch. I imagine the devs are mostly still focused on OW2 and 5v5 balancing, so it would make sense to hand-off theoretical balance changes to the most active and spectated players in the existing game, and push the popular changes from the card to the main game. I know we haven’t seen many patch adjustments directly from the devs for quite some time, but I think this acts as a decent stopgap.

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  • Specifically for Damage, there was an overwhelming number of Heroes for one person to handle, which lead to not every Damage Hero initially receiving the attention they deserved. to address this, we’ve divided the category among 2 creators for the next card
  • There’s a perception among some players that personal biases play too heavily into the proposed changes. This is something that all of the creators we’ve been working with for the second card are very self-aware about, and they’re paying close attention with their notes
  • Some players don’t understand why we’re working with creators and not the broader community. Our goals for this project (engaging with Creators in a unique and interesting way, instigating more competitive events in the community, and increasing CCV on Twitch) weren’t clearly stated ahead of time, so I’ll own that
  • there’s a perception that this somehow takes away from developing other more meaningful updates to the game. I get this perception and, to be frank, there’s little I can say here to sway your entrenched opinion. All I’ll say is that this hasn’t had a detrimental impact on our current development priorities, and in fact was proposed with this consideration in mind

As much as I’d love to be able to reach each and every player, both current and lapsed, we all know that’s not practically possible. What I can measure and observe are the folks who are here, like yourself, who share their thoughts and feelings across the various platforms our community lives on.

We have tools that measure sentiment quantitatively, and experts whose job it is to interpret that data into meaningful analysis. We also have folks like me who often times provide more qualitative analysis, so we have a complete picture.

Generally speaking, sentiment about the ExCard was surprised (at it’s existence), delight because the changes were fun, and confusion over the purpose of the ExCard (feedback I’ve delivered internally).

Does this somehow diminish their excitement?

There’s another halo effect of these kinds of activations: creators of that profile pay attention when developers collaborate with their community. When you have demonstrable proof and the support of your existing creator community, newer and lapsed creators are more inclined to give you a second look.

Somewhat related, but Seagull did return last week and seemed like he was having a pretty great time with Jay3 and Emongg.


For sure. This was a factor that was specifically pointed out during our initial analysis of the ExCards performance. Even with that knowledge, the overall impact was positive.


I’m just sad that if this potential sym support change happens (however bad it might be), it’ll just be stuck in this meme content creator experimental patch with no real future- :frowning:

please , some nerf to doom and genji

That was interesting. I watched that stream, and he noted he also attended that NDA creator meeting with OW devs. It made me excited to think that the big news that was tied to that meeting may be coming in the next few weeks. I don’t think it would be just another creator card, so maybe it’s a little bit further down the road, but still excited to find out what it is.

Not speaking to any specific meeting or otherwise, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes relationship management that the community team is responsible for. Making sure that creators are prepared for our “big beats” and are able to make the best possible content is to everyone’s benefit, player and dev alike.


I can ask, however to set expectations - we don’t generally share data publicly unless it’s something that really moves the needle.

I will say this: the April Fool’s card was the bar against which we measured the first Creator ExCard’s performance and it hit or exceeded all of our expectations


Yes, and I think it’s obvious why. What happens if the next tier of streamers all leave, and the next tier, and we’re down to 15 viewer streamers. Would you still consider it worth the trouble, or those creators worth promoting? Would their sentiment be a reliable metric for gauging the larger playerbase? I expect you might say yes, but I have my doubts.

The reach of these content creators clearly does matter. Whether as pure marketing tools or as representatives of the larger playerbase. Someone with 10K viewers is more representative of (some subset of) OW players than another streamer with 2K viewers, surely.

This all makes sense, but I think you’ve left out the fact that this is an initiative started in the middle of a severe content drought. To me, these reasons are not sufficient to explain why you are working with content creators over the broader community given that content drought. They aren’t being catered to alongside the rest of us, they are being catered to instead of us, while we watch. Our participation in this event is not equal to theirs. We don’t get to balance a hero however we want, we get to play a hero balanced by some streamer.

Compare this to something like Hitman 3, which had a similar initiative shortly after launch. The content creators made their wacky custom missions, but regular players had the entire game full of fresh new content as an alternative. “Regular” players weren’t directly faced with the prospect of becoming 2nd class citizens, because they also had substantial new in-game content to occupy themselves. The content creator stuff was a relatively minor, supplemental feature. But in our case, this is it. This is all we’ve got. VIPs having fun with balance, and we simply get to play whatever they think up. Clearly we have the less interesting, less fun role, and there’s nothing else of interest for us regular players to engage with. This isn’t just an amusing, optional diversion, it’s the only current in-game event.


Why would the community ever get to pick and choose changes? That would be the most absolute disorganized disaster you’d ever see

Just enjoy the experiments, they’re fun!



Creator relations means supporting the entire OW creator community, to work to retain existing creators, to maintain relationships with folks who may have churned out, and to foster up and coming creators who are just starting on their journey.

BTW. we’re hiring dedicated support for this responsibility as we speak:

Your feelings here are all valid, and I want you to know that the team is aware and frankly, feels similarly. To a T, every person I’ve worked with on T4 cares deeply about the player experience, and the current pace of updates isn’t something we’re satisfied with either.

I’m going to avoid promises and platitudes here, and simply state that we want to focus on letting our work speak for us this year.