Ana's "buff" is not actually a buff

Woah that’s interesting. I wonder how that’ll work out.

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It’s a welcome change, but it means pre-healing is gone. It’ll probably take bit to adjust to, but overall I think it’s good.

Ana still has to aim her heals.

Therefore, this change will accomplish exactly nothing. She’s still gonna be stuck where she is now.

Bookmarking for when I’m right.

Self boosting Ana in FFA is huge, I have fun playing Ana on FFA as is but this will definitely give her an edge.

That wouldn’t be a problem for this meta. It looks like dive is dying out which is now bringing back big bodies like Rein and Zarya back into the meta.

So if on live you were to hit your fat teammate winston diving, on ptr you’d be hitting winston’s target behind him if winston is at full hp?

Or does this just apply to healing teammates?

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking it’s very satisfying to pre heal, especially with tanks but I guess it’ll make it easier to land shots on enemies. I do still think a damage buff would do her wonders, the last one wasn’t enough imo.

It’s not like any good Tracers are going to be countered by Ana if it takes two shots from Ana.

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It would be nice if they included a toggle option to turn “shots ignore healed allies” off and on.

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I mean, I think Ana would definitely benefit from having her damage upped to 75 which matches her healing, but I think they should look into other areas of Ana first.

Then again, if Ana’s damage was set to 75, Tracer still has a few precious moments to use Recall, as Ana’s damage is applied over a 0.9s (I believe) time period. She could be hit by two darts, use Recall before the second kills her, then she’d be able to take another dart and still live. If she used Recall perfectly, she’d take four darts to kill. I don’t know if it’d be too much though.

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Maybe. One potential way of having the best of both worlds would be to have Ana hold/toggle a key-press which alternates between penetrative shots and her current style shots. That way an Ana player could choose whichever shots are better for the current situation.

I see your point about the pre-healing, but honestly this is a buff that I wanted. I can’t tell you how many times my shots were body blocked and the person I was actually trying to hit died. And for some reason Roadhog and D.Va were particularly guilty of just waddling in front of my shot when they were already topped off.

I think for a lot of Ana players this will be more helpful than pre-healing.

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Oh yeah definitely, I’ve been in that situation a lot. Trying to heal a smaller target and you’ve got a massive German crusader in the way, as well as a massive hog. Feels bad.

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Not having shots blocked by teammates is way better than being able to pre-heal IMO. You just have to time your shots on full HP people entering a fight


It really depends on the Ana but I believe it would be balanced compromise considering Ana’s difficulty.

Besides damage somekind of mobility would be nice, even some minor would be fine like an evade similar to Mccree’s roll, but in an ideal world giving Ana an ability to get to good sniping positions would likely put her in a good place.

Was this revealed in OWL?

No, there’s a new PTR patch out.

Also, they are going to give her 14 shots on her magazine.

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I saw it as more of an option under the Ana settings, sort of the way Mercy has different guardian angel modes, depending on the settings she has picked. With Ana it could be turning on shots hit allies at full health or turning them off as they are on ptr.
edit. This way Ana’s can choose prehealing over piercing heal shots. This lets the player decide how they want to play her.

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I think having the in-game option would be better though, it would give her more options on the battlefield. Imagine seeing all the targets you need to heal and not being able to shoot through because you have the current settings in place and then imagine being someone who has fully healed their teammates, can see combat about to commence and you want to pre-heal. Having a switch mechanic like lucio’s music would really help for a quick change. However, that would involve another set of buttons, but I suppose you could stick it on 1 and 2 like the switch weapons are, which would also mean she could scroll wheel to do it.

You think it is a nerf, I think it is a buff.
One opinion against another.
I really wonder how many people actually use pre-shoting to buff heal allies.
I am pretty sure less than 20% people actually TRY to pre-shoot heal and they MAYBE in the higher leagues.

Am I the only one here who think Pre-heal isn’t that useful?
I still use it, but majorly for making placebo effect to myself…