Analyzing the Pink Crusade

This is not the usual topic about “I want mercy pink” or “why it should come back / not come back”. This is the analysis of a phenomenon. why do we still talk about it? why is it an obsession? let’s talk about it for what it is, not for what this exclusive is supposed to do. Please, take it like a “serious joke”. :grin:

why is she so famous?

this is the simplest question to answer: it’s a skin born with the best of intentions. or maybe there is more? There are 4 things that make something great: it has an important meaning, it reflects me, it has a good memory and it is MINE!

  • it is important: there may be a relative of yours who has suffered from breast cancer, or perhaps you yourself. Knowing this suffering perfectly or you want it to disappear, and therefore this is a symbol of your sensitivity.
  • reflects to me: you are a main mercy who would like the best for his favorite character. or you are a doctor, and you want this to be seen in the game as in life after buying it and doing a good thing. Or are you a typically healer player who wants to represent this vocation 100%.
  • it’s a nice memory: no, I’m not talking about having made a nice contribution … but because it is aesthetically a nice memory from your childhood. Mercy is … practically Sailor Moon. It goes without saying that there are countless cameos on this character (see cartoon network meme) but there has been a whole generation that has dreamed about this anime, and still continues to adore it. she is an unforgettable skin even in the tribute.
  • it’s MINE: this is part of the real reason why you want it. no one likes to be excluded, and having it literally means having something that too many people have wanted for too long.

All of these reasons are absolutely valid because “statistically” you don’t find many people obsessed with a blizzcon skin if they’re not particularly interested in the blizzard crossover, nor are they interested in Widowmaker noire who simply … is a black outfit and literally disguised herself as a widowmaker (the spider).

The trap

I would like to specify that Mercy Pink’s popularity is caused not only by its importance … but also by its spam. I always find too many people asking what sym tyrande is and too few asking “what is that pink mercy skin”. the reason? spam.

  • Profile proudly set with the Pink Mercy icon. ALWAYS;
  • It doesn’t matter if there are absolutely fantastic new skins, mercy pink is a waifu that you must NEVER betray;
  • spam generates spam: people who know this skin thanks to anyone who asks for the return of this skin.

The request

the time has come: you need to CONVINCE blizzard that getting Mercy Pink back is a great idea. Perhaps it is the most important court case in the history of video games. Here’s their champion with their national anthem:

  • false charity: people who use the argument of good intentions as the only way to be able to donate their money to the cause rather than typing on the official website and sending a donation.
  • marketing genius: they offer you a million ways to propose it, the important thing is that she comes back. with another skin? OK, the important thing is that she comes back. With extra money? OK, the important thing is that she comes back. with special requirements? OK, the important thing is that she comes back …
  • the spammer: no matter what the official or unofficial answer is, the important thing is to bark louder until you have what is so requested. there is a real task force ready to initiate the request every day. And for the one who first posts the request on a new playoverwatch tweet, he receives a symbolic gold medal. Did you remember the victory on Wow classic after yeas about “we want WoW vanilla”? This is their personal replica of Omero’s Iliad: a siege.
  • the existential crisis: the one who tries to understand anyone who is tired of spam but also who is too desperate to want this skin. Indirectly this takes the path of the marketing genius, but at times it’s more philosophical, dramatic, gravestone: blizzard doesn’t listen to us, we should accept it, they really really regret it. but so much. Did he already say that he is sorry? here, now he’s a sympathetic spammer with a hint of false charity: he’s a hybrid.
  • the victims of a wrong system: I was not there. I did not know. I didn’t exist. I had no money in that moment. it’s not right. I’ve only just arrived. You are devious. I deserve my chance. Now. maybe you should even give it to me for free to make up for it.

The No-Spam Crusade

on the other side of the ring there are them, those who reject with all themselves this spam that has been going on for years, and are ready to prove how wrong the return of this enchanting magician with the pink ribbon is. Here’s their champion, ironically also pink!:

  • Lawyers: they know all about how licensing works, blizzard’s modus operandi, why it never gave up and why it should never give up. if they win this war, shame will eternally torture the developers. it does not suit the company, they are all hypocrites, it is not necessary, you just deserve the flag.
  • The winners: I’m sorry, it’s too late. you shouldn’t complain too much. by the way, I randomly activated my icon and my pink skin, do you like them? don’t be jealous, I was just lucky. you’re so monotonous and annoying, who cares? it’s just a normal skin.
  • The angry pacifists: war gods who open the topic to attack spammers directly because they are the real bane of Overwatch, and the crusade takes on a streisand effect. they have not silenced it and usually ends with their silence hoping that the error of this involuntary spam ends or they will continue to write until they are too vulgar and inappropriate.
  • Jokers: What’s better than writing a nonsense thing to laugh? it is a space where no one wins or loses, we can say what we want. trolling inside, trolling forever, no matter which pink you were talking about.
  • No mans: blizzard has never done this before, why bother with you? a no is the only answer to everything. and if someone wants to exaggerate they write “no.”, a closing point to delineate the end of everything. how much philosophy in one word and one punctuation.

Blizzard’s answer:

well, actually there was a few months ago by Andy B and the crusade continues so I think it’s useless to share it again. Are you ready to search the forum and link it? and are you ready to comment that nothing is impossible if you ask it again and again? and are you ready to answer that…

damn, I’m back in the loop :crazy_face:. but I hope you have had a sincere laugh, regardless of the response to this very serious disease that the Overwatch community cannot cure either by itself or with an official Blizzard response.

HAPPY PINK CRUSADE FOR ALLS :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Ngl, this was literally my one and only reason for buying it.

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I read all that and fail to see anything to respond to .

What are you asking for back and forth here? It’s like you wrote an essay without any sort of conclusion.


I sincerely hope they bring back pink mercy skin fir 1 minute and never bring it back as revenge for all of these dumb posts about a damn skin

that is exactly the answer, my friend: there’s no right answer :man_shrugging: there is no winner or loser in this topic. I wanted to make fun of this loop that will continue forever. I don’t think it will ever be resolved, so … I hope there is at least a smile on this exaggerated description of both sides :slight_smile: and yes, I’m probably guilty of spamming myself right now, but I’m genuinely happy for your question. :hugs:

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What is this post trying to say? :thinking:

The people who want the skin surely beg to differ. I doubt they feel like winners, Mefionir.

Pink Hanzo when?

Let his arrows make a trail of glitter.

I’m going to assume it’s a contract thing.

Because the skin is pink, Mercy’s cute, and she is played by girls.

Yes I agree let’s bring Pink back :sunglasses:

My reasons for buying it were the folling:

  1. Mercy main
  2. New audio
  3. Better visuals than any other skin at that time (on par with the good ones to this day)
  4. It was for a good cause (ngl. I would have bought it even without this reason)

Pink reminds me of Juliet Starling. I don’t know what a Sailing moon is.

This hurts… but I can understand it. Its a old anime and one of the originals for those “magical girls” series out there. Its pretty good and even got a remastered series.

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Sounds like all my school papers….

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We want Pink Mercy back!!!