Ana unfair 80 dmg nerf + QOL changes

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To be honest I think they should totally revamp how armor works in general. Reaper who’s supposed to be the tank buster can barley bust tanks with how each pellet is reduced damage. Ana’s tick damage is very similar.


I think 75 damage would be better than 80, it would allow her to 2-shot tracer and pull off her combos more easily.

But 80 is completely unnecessary, Ana is already insanely strong, she has the highest winratea nd biggest pickrate of all supports in GM (and most other ranks) by a large margin.


I know why you want 80 damage.
So you can 2-shot Tracer right?
Cause with 80 damage per shot she can still take down squishies with 3 shots, like she does now.

This whole post is a blessing I have about over 400+ hours with Ana and the biggest complaint I have is that she does 70 dmg (mind you I’m on console) for someone who does damage over time and has to be pinpoint precise and (unscoped being a projectile) I think her damage should be 80. Zen is in a great spot because he has his self regen shields and a ton of damage. Basically all healers have good self sustain with the exception of Ana. I’m not saying she needs mobility and or self passive healing along with damage. It’s either one or the other and I rather have it be damage so my shots actually feel rewarded because as of now just like you said if you miss a shot or they get a measly second of lucio Brigette or Zenyatta heals it makes Ana have to shoot more than three times on an enemy which I think is ridiculous. Please make her damage do 80


I agree, but I have my doubts for developers since its a small company, the game has numerous bugs, and I feel like they can’t handle it regardless if fixing them overall improves the game experience.

Why they add characters like Doomfist, Brigitte, Sombra (etc). that counter intuitive while being roles that do not belong in this game I dont know.

Ana, and Orisa are the only good heroes they released IMO.

There is a lot more w/ 80 damage to fix clunky gameplay than just being able to kill Tracer in 4 shots. A lot of things easily counter 70 dmg costing more shots to kill for the slightest factor coming into play.
(It is not a 2 shot, because that would make you exclude parts of her kit like recall and disadvantages of Ana’s kit Tracer can abuse.)

Also, keep in mind even w/ 80 dmg, other supports / damage roles can kill Tracer faster or easier than what Ana is w/ 80 dmg.

I would settle for 75, but I would want to see 80 again. I think it was fine back then, and due to how she has been nerfed w/ her utility, & her damage. I don’t think bumping her damage back up would be so much harm.

Also keep in mind about winrates & support category, that support category is very lacking & limiting so the value out of the category is small. Also where as damage roles have a handfull of high skill ceiling heroes, Ana is the only high skill ceiling hero in support category. As for winrates, they are not accurate so careful how you use them.

Thanks, I too want her to get damage, but I am often times irritated by discussion, because sometimes people rather focus on things like Tracer vs her damage when there are other issues people never talk about about Ana that exist in her playstyle and need to be fixed.

1 concern for myself of the damage is Ana w/ damage boosted targets. I feel it should not apply to Ana herself if the damage needs to be balanced out, or work a different way I guess.

I wish people were more focused on discussion about Ana considering her, than spamming crap like Tracer 2 shot or cliche “jump to conclusion without thought” type of posts.

This isn’t exactly because of her survivability. Until just a couple of weeks ago even you were saying she was f-tier in the many mercy threads. It took a heavy handed nerf to Mercy for Ana to be a considerable option. Her glaring weakness didn’t just stop being a thing. Damage is Ana’s means of survival, and right now she barley has a fighting chance.

But damage boost = 2 shot.

75 is more of an appropriate center ground, that way you can two-shot that annoying tracer, and sleep+shot+melee still needs nade.

Just make the dart a whole lot easier to land at short range. Maybe give it a soft lock like Moira’s RMB. That way it actually can be used defensively as a panic shot.

It’s not a defense tool right now so much as it is an offensive one. She’s already a squishy with low DPS, low self heal, low mobility having pinpoint accuracy requirements against a cadre of heroes that keeps being added to, move faster than her, hit harder than her and generally have very relaxed to-hit requirements — dive.

We started off with just four dive heroes. Now that number is nearly doubled. A team needs only two of any kind to effectively pressure Ana into swapping. That makes her unreliable to depend upon as a main heal. Moira serves better.

She has a whole lot of downs against her and not enough ups to put her square in the center of being balanced. But, at least they’re working on her. I hope they finish doing her justice and fit her into this game properly.

I think the sleep dart is balanced, enjoyable to land, and is apart of learning her. I don’t think a soft lock should be added to it, people would litterally hate Ana because of her sleep dart targetting them and won’t stop until shes nerfed.

She needs qol on her unscoped (hitscan accuracy on a projectile), her grenade (ghosting), nano boost (although it’s been given a longer range to 40m, I need to test it but I’m working), removing her scoped healing tracer (to keep her position when doing her job) and 1 shot 1 fence.

2 of these qol (unscoped hitbox and no scoped healing tracer). I actually find landing a sleep dart sometimes easier than shooting her unscoped weapon as a flanker. Sleep dart has a proportionaly large hitbox to its speed while her unscoped is much, much smaller than projectiles of similar speed. Reverting the stealth nerf to her projectile will help her defend herself. While scoping healing not having a tracer means she can take a sniper position to heal her team without losing her position and having to lose the high ground (while damaging scoped shots will still have a tracer). These two qol will lessen the amount of times she needs to use the sleep dart defensively or if she misses she can count on her projectile main weapon like other projectile heroes.


She could use a small bump in the projectile speed of her sleep dart. There’s been (in my experience) a huge number of times where I die to a target that I slept because the speed is just that smidge too slow to save myself.

I agree that it should never be any kind of lock on.

I think the wind up is what causes that more. There’s a large delay before it is even fired. I’ve gotten mostly use to it with practice but sometimes when you get stunned after you hit shift the dart doesn’t even fire although it’s refunded you’re usually dead.

I had a problem with the windup when I started playing her. At this point changing it would screw over my play something awful. I think upping the speed would possibly be enough to offset the delay from the animation (in regards to saving yourself) - since I understand why they want the animation considering how powerful a landed sleep can be.

I enjoy when I even get the feedback noise of landing the dart and the start of her voice-line for a slept target but it still didn’t register. Though I guess that’s more my trash internet’s fault than the games.

I believe the slow speed is to make sure Ana can’t land long range sleeps as effectively while the wind up is more of an animation like mei’s icicle, but unlike mei’s her sleep dart has a cd. So it’s more like she has two things to slow its usage, cd and delay.

I think lowering the delay will be easier to balance than upping the speed.

Honestly, I think the opposite only because the delay is what offers actual counter play (out play?) to the ability - in the sense of you can react (deflect, blink, etc.) to it and not that you (as Ana) hucked your dart into a shield.

From the looks of it though, they don’t have any interest in cutting down any of her animations - which, imo, is what should have been adjusted a bit before some of the other buffs she got. :\

The delay cant be removed ( because the animation would also be hideous), but reducing it is I think the only buff or qol it could get.

There’s plenty of options if they were actually looking at buffing the dart, but it really doesn’t need one.

TBH, I could see them not really touching her anymore after this last buff. Heal on nano was surprisingly good - possibly too good? Guess we’ll find out.

Other than the qol I mentioned much earlier (not the dart), I think she’s fine. I don’t think her nano heal buff was too good, I think it finally brought her ult to something more defensive like the other healer ults or at least it means she has less of a chance to completely blow nano.

It doesn’t seem like too much on some one squishier at all, but being able to bring tank back to full almost instantly (with your grenade) and also with nano on top feels like it could possibly edge the line. Granted the stars have to practically align sometimes for it to work perfectly, but it does happen.

I just don’t want them to find a reason to nerf her again. The last time it happened kind of really sucked.

Here’s to hoping if they do nerf her because of it, they actually nerf the nano heal and not the rest of her kit…